Who’s this free-to-play 8 ball pool but I’ve been playing on my iPad actually different halls you can play in just pick you up later like going to a canyon you just break it’s a free to play game you really don’t I haven’t spent any money on it so you don’t have to spend any money to play it there’s.

Some annoying things about it but it’s pretty fun actually especially on a.

Larger screen like a iPad on a phone it’s kind of small no and you can put spin on the ball there’s all these different cues you can get and you know you can spend real money.

And get really crazy ones but you don’t have to I was trying to figure out a break up my strike balls here without scratching its pretty so I’m just checking out her profile see how many games they’ve won stuff it’s pretty smooth on my phone and my iPad it looks a little jittery I guess here because I was recording while playing and no audio is out of sync when I edited this in my computer so I had to read sync.

The audio a bunch of times but it plays pretty good yeah it’s a pretty fun pool game I’ve tried a lot of different ones in this one I mean there’s some annoying pop-ups.

And stuff that tries to get you to buy you know spend real money and stuff but you can just acts out of them well then you know some of these halls you gotta call the eight-ball some you.

Don’t you could spend lots of those in-game coins you have to bet you know each game hundred dollar tables and fifty dollar tables and thousand dollar tables so you like a hundred thousand twenty thousand there’s nine ball and I’ve.

Had this on my phone for years actually I start playing couple years ago and didn’t play for a long time and then I I know I just started again when it got cold this year.
But it’s pretty good actually some annoying things but it’s for free game.

It’s pretty cool so you get these boxes you can unlock and get I don’t know you’d get them when you win games and takes time to unlock them and then you get coins and stuff and here’s some of my cues.
There’s I don’t know it tried.

It unlocked cues for you that’s my really good one.

That I use and then you got to recharge your cues to get all the lines back up I mean it’s a lot of silly things like that but you really don’t have to mess with that if you don’t want to but it does help those like those aiming lines get longer you have more time to make your.

Shots you know the aiming is better and then the power is better and the spins better on the.
Get some good ones for free or.

You can just if you play long enough once in a while you get good ones or you can like spend real money and get some but I’d never do that sure some people do but yeah it’s a pretty cool game.


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