Hey guys Rick Lovato welcome to players only we’re out of the locker room this year and we got our team captains Jake Elliott and Cameron Johnson today we got to pick some teams we’re gonna flip a coin to see who goes first all right guys this is jake has more experience he gets to pick the coin toss what.

Is it no tails never fails baby tails it is tails tails I will will you go first where will you go Seco defer my choice until a second choice okay I’ll go second you’ll go second all right guys skeeball it up all right Jake here we go starting.

Up not against rough starting start ten points you got eight more I don’t think play this game 40 he’s feeling lucky now oh that’s a bad shot just a real bad shot can.
You be 290 290 points the numbers of b-29 day don’t waste.

It on one throw a little too much muscle there buddy God he’s going at least being aggressive you need to go you need.

To go for hundreds here we have our winner Jake Elliott hey guys we’re back since Jake Elliott was a.

Now have Jalen Mills and Shelton Gibson going head-to-head on shuffleboard whoever wins will be on Jake’s team and whoever loses will be on Cameron’s team the rules of the game for the shuffleboard whoever gets a true three first so one shuffleboard whatever those are to hit the three will will be on Jake’s team so here we go.

Guys let’s do it we got a true three first all right like I like punters it I like fun is better anyway team Johnston alright guys we got one more player and that’s Jordan my lot.

Of fighting for either team Jake Elliott or team Cameron Johnson each of these teams are gonna play pool and they’re gonna try and hit in Jordan.
My lot is number number 68 so they have to hit the six ball in first.

And then the eight ball in that.

Order and it’s the first one who can get it done all right guys here we go let’s get this thing going on your mark get set go who wants Jordan on their team really no one right now alright guys that’s a wrap we got our teams all set up for next week and next week.

We’re going to do another pool session here so let’s do it thanks guys let’s do this thing all right.


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