Today we’re going to be doing three ball pattern run that’s going to be a drill for today hey everybody welcome to learn billiards I may be Altman your PBIA instructor or at the table remember this is a three ball pattern play playing 9-ball and my pawning scratched and left me ball in hand so as you can see I.

The corner pocket he’s frozen on the rail and the nine is a hair off the rail would it make a difference position wise whether it was on the rail or off the rail so but this is the actual layout and again we have ball in hand so we got to.

Gonna determine what pocket the ball is gonna go in well obviously we know the seven is gonna go in that corner pocket right over here and the eight the best to deal for the eight ball is in this corner pocket right here and then nine we could either go this corner pocket or back here to this corner pocket so.

Determine from the nine ball and let’s go backwards so I want to try to sink in my ball in this corner it’s a little bit closer to this corner so I have more room for me to get position on the nine ball so most players I would think would try shooting in this seven they.

Might draw and come back and then try to get an angle on the eight ball the key to this run is angles you’re gonna play the angles this is the best way let’s remember we want to wind up with the cue ball anywhere from here to here anywhere.

In this area that would be our best bet to get position on a nine ball to get there we need to be somewhere around here on that April so we’ll come into the rail and natural position to bring.

Us down somewhere over there up to the rail so how do we get that natural position on that eight ball we need to get the angle on there all.

Right so let’s go ahead and take this shot I’m gonna slice this seven ball thin but I want my QL into this rail and then come back to this long rail and come off to give me a nice angle on that eight ball so again he pulls up on the rail let’s go ahead and take this shot a little bit longer than I.

Wanted to be but what I would have liked to done is avoid that nine ball very my cue ball over here but you can see what I was trying to do so let’s set that shot up again.

All right let’s go ahead and take this shot you have a good bounce off the rail that should give me a decent angle to give in to that nine ball and there we go that’s a natural position that’s just using the angles let’s remember the last thing you want to get position there’s a straight in shot until.

You’re on your final ball then obviously a straight shot would be great but all right so now I’m gonna set that same shot up just say same pattern the three ball layout on both a little bit more over now and let’s see if well let’s just show you what.

Happens when again most people forget to play the angles so what they’ll try to do you know maybe shoot this several ball in that corner pocket a little bit straight and then come back here for their April which is fine but now what happens with that nine ball I’m straight in on.
This eight ball now what I could try to do but again I’m making it.

I just created a much more difficult shot I can bring the eight-ball try to follow and come down and then play this shot in that corner pocket which is not the corner I wanted remember I was trying to play position for.

The corner pocket here all right so remember playing the angle using you know create I should say creating the angle for your cue ball to enter into a rail to play.

Position but to use the rail to a game position is a key factor so this is a great drill to practice practice it over and over remember the most crucial part is getting position on this April once you get proper position on this April you need.

This angle that’s here you need an angle like that you don’t want to be over here you don’t want to be all the way out here so remember you know and coming into the rail instead of trying to stop short you come into the rail it gives you a bigger zone biggest safety zone was that angle when it comes.

Off the rail will remain the same so whether you were all the way out here all the way here still gives you that angle so again remember you slice it thin you need.

That control speed and that’s the key to this run or really anyone all right so here’s another three bull run out playing 9-ball my opponents scratch so now I have eight I’m sorry I have ball in hand so I know I’m gonna sink my nine ball.

In this side pocket obviously my eights gonna go in this corner my seven in that corner so the key to this run is getting position on that April so again you gotta use the angles but if.

I came this way straight in shot I’m gonna leave the cue ball here if I roll off the rail from this angle my culés gonna come back here if I try to draw shot I mean I have to make a pretty nice draw shot to get back on this side it’s like get that April so again remember this is about using the angles and the rails so.
The key here is getting back to this end at a table somewhere in.

This region to get position on that April so I’m going.

To use this rail and this angle so the cue ball and naturally come back to the side of the table just like that and now.

That’s good draw a little bit and bring that cue ball all the way out and I got a nice easy shot up my nine ball and that’s the game alright so I hope.

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