I’m here in the tower district to experience one of Fresno’s best and most mysterious late-night spots the tension billiards is a cool relaxed place to hang out I’ve heard in house is a giant secret let’s head in join me won’t you when I started Fresno flavor I set out to explore the amazing food scene in Fresno this season.

I want to know what’s good in Fresno when the Sun Goes Down this is Fresno flavor after-hours allegedly my name is Tim Paragon I am the owner of the tension billiards in Fresno California rumor has.

It there is a speakeasy in the Tower District called library at detention I didn’t do it and nobody saw me do it so you can’t prove a thing during Prohibition back in the 1920s and 1930s it was not illegal to drink it was illegal to sell so secret bars showed up everywhere how about a beer it’ll take some convincing or maybe some good whiskey to get.

Owner Tim Farragut to spill the beans about Fresno’s rumor speakeasy yeah we have a shoot game for Nepal right so I’m here to.

Take one for the team crime Jim Beam to be pad it in order to get him to talk all right big azam dance now it’s telling some buddies that I was coming down here and one of them said that they thought there was like a hidden bar no idea what you’re talking about but I know a guy I finally had an in and using the power of Tim I was behind the scenes in no time it’s reservation only you make the reservation online you’re given.

A password of instructions to enter and you’re led up to a quiet 1920s 30s bar soft music darkly lit the whole second floor is yours fling back chairs and other ones and there’s rumored to.

Be a booking grid for mug shots but it’s just a rumor well follow me let me show you something else the library Oh that’s reaction I liked it I don’t even know what to see John’s our featured bartender tonight I’ll have to have him prepare of doctors.

Yes what are we making today we’re doing it’s cinnamon rosemary old-fashioned that’s what’s gonna be our sure substitute so I put some fresh Luxardo cherries we’re gonna muddle that up we’ll.

Hit a little bit of aromatic bitters this poor mouth all here yeah and this is where it’s gonna get up just a little.
Bit dangerous we’re caramelizing all of our sugars and bitters.

And so they just like throw it in the boat when the fire hits you.

Aren’t you just gonna release all the oils and create an awesome flavor so I usually like.

The ground on fire so I do just for the effects right there don’t get scared if you want to jump in a newa for us you can leave it to the expert because it is so sweet what we like to.

Do is we balance it with coriander very cool so this is a cinnamon rosemary old fashioned but will you call this here on the bar it’s fire and ice one of the coolest drinks we make Oh quick and delicious awesome nice work John thank you Tim thank you so much you open my eyes to a larger Fresno and all are my pleasure remember mums lord I know I got ya you know again be sure.

To book a reservation at the library on their website the library at detention comm or come by detention billiards for a few games of pool and as always for more info about the people to places the halt and of Fresno physics Frazee a song you.


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