Welcome to another video from the cueball control cheat sheets book the book shows you how to master and own the precise q-ball speeds and spins to get perfect shape on the next shot this is from group 3 set 1 there are 4 shots in this set the purpose for each setup is simple put the 1 ball into the.

Pocket then get shape and make the 2 the book shows how to use precise speed and spin to get shape on.

The next shot the book has 12 groups each with a dozen sets of several shots six groups.

Are about getting shape within a half table area six groups require full table maneuvering for the ball positions you need these donuts put one for each ball position in the shot you can then set up the exact same shot every time work on these shots until they become routine then you can try other speeds and spins to discover what works and what does not this.
Set one shot one layout there is actually.

A lot of flexibility with this layout the main requirement you want on this shot is to have either an inside or outside angle on the to the 12 o’clock soft one speed holds the cue ball to an outside angle although shallow you can run the cue ball off the long rail to get a line on the next object-ball soft three speed sends the cue ball off the long rail and a little bit up table when you play.

The to the cue ball comes off the short rail the higher.

You are on the table the more.

Angle you have off the two please note soft who will leave you with either a straight in mine or a shallow angle for the two if the location of the next object ball is in the foot area this would work if the next shot is more up table use either soft one or soft three speed take your time on the shot to.

Get the cue ball location you want this is the group three set one shot to lay out this is not a difficult shot to play the important factor is careful speed control as long as the cue ball does not roll.

Past the center line of the table you have a good angle on the two however just because you have a large area for the cue ball.

To stop rolling does not mean that you should be careless just a bit too much speed and the cue ball can easily reach the head string on the table it makes sense that before shooting.
You take a few seconds and decide the optimal.

To settle in for the two ball shot with 12 o’clock spin natural roll we’ll get the cue ball into the large comfort zone for the to a soft two-speed will.

Give you an inside angle on the two and use the short rail to get the ball back.

Up table please note you are welcome to test this shot with 1:30 running English experiment with a few other spins and speeds it will help dial.
In your speed control skills this is the group three set one shot.

Three lay out the object of this shot is to keep the cue ball within the comfort zone for the two ball the biggest area to place the cue ball is anywhere along the right side rail and up to the tables center line this is best.

Done with six o’clock draw even with a slow three speed you can bend the cue.

Ball backwards from the tangent line that makes sure that the cue ball stays in the larger area of the.


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