Peggy Lee is our referee for the final the first of a possible 19 frames here in new shan’t the first 210 to be crowned World Open champion they’ve Gilbert again smart Williams penny for that guy’s thoughts right now about to be a few nerves can he get the better of one of the all-time greats over 19 frames tough.

Ask that’s the trophy they’re playing for Williams is so.

Laid-back he doesn’t even know his breaking he’s written his luck at.

Times this week Williams he’s so relaxed I mean that’s been a characteristic of his entire career Neal.

But it was interesting to hear what he said after his semi final victory over knob on sand cam from five to down remember he says if I lose now I don’t care I’ll be living off my crucible win for the rest of my career and that makes him even more dangerous doesn’t it well.
It really does I don’t believe it though I believe he does care although it.

Must have been winning yesterday was quite a performance a great start from David Gilbert if he starts well and gets early frames on the board he really has a chance in this matter I think he’s a back number here.

At all mentioned just briefly before the match I think that Williams getting here has been a great effort considering he’s very short of practice his playoff memory for the last couple of matches I think but now he can win the tournament do you think that lack of practice might tell against.
Mark Williams like David Gilbert has got the chance of.

A lifetime here he would be a part-time player if he wins I can tell he could eat Rockets up the rankings with opportunities of plenty yes he’s climbed to 20 as a result of making the final which is only a couple of spots below his career high.

But if he wins today he will be 14th in the world he’ll have broken the top 16 for the first time yes and the other thing about that with him.

What was a very average season last season where his results with most he’s appointing you know he’d have.

Nothing to lose here to be no ranking White’s to lose to speak of it is all positives.

So great chance he’s a wonderful human always has been a good ball striker you’ve kind.

Of often wondered what he’s like when the pressure really gets on him I think today we’ll really find out the answer to that it’s a great effort well he’s on he’s.

On a tricky red to the middle and whether he’s on the straighter red will help for him if he is couldn’t have played this much better I for one would like to see the emergence of a new player coming through he’s not particularly young I can’t call him a young player by any means no he’s in his 38th year now well he is but he’s young compared.

To the class of 92 that keep winning might Willis 43 it’d be just good to see a new face coming in winning something he was very honest after his semi final victory over Hawkins saying that the wheels were beginning to come off at the end of that match.

Which he ended up winning 6-4 and that today he would have to play as well as he.

Did for the first few frames of that semi-final and then be stronger at the end when it really matters so he knows what he’s got to do it’s just a case of making it happen one specified opening read from Williams there are three matches this week that Williams could easily have lost he was behind against Lucas clackers ended up winning five four and then three nil down to jackal is a ski you didn’t miss a ball early on winning that one by five.

Frames to three and then of course yesterday five to down to silence and camp hoot made a one for to break along the way to that commanding lead but so often in his career he’s managed to find something when it really matters Dabba well him playing hopeful luck there if he’s on the.

Right hand red is handy and he’ll need the little extension on his cue so he was happy to leave himself testing cueing shot here earlier he’s got.

A hit sweetly three spectators there have come prepared today I’m not sure what they’re expecting with their hard hats so there’s not a hole in the roof we have had rain stop play before and.

We had a water spillage stop play earlier in the tournament that was the match involving Williams and Lazar ski when Jack dropped his water on the floor and spectacular mopping up process.


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