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Time to go super in-depth on every player but.

By the end of this video you were going to have a strong understanding of how I feel about each fantasy relevant running.

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Guys now on to the video let’s start with the first matchup we have Miami Dolphins versus the Houston Texans and what I’ll say is be very cautious starting Drake yes I know he had a great game last.

Week but remember it was against one of the league’s worst run defenses.

He faces defense that’s more middle to packed and he has struggled against middle-of-the-pack defenses throughout the season and really it’s not his own fault it’s due to sheer volume.

If he’s not gonna have the volume you need to rely.

On a big play and more often times than not it just hasn’t happened so for Drake if you got to start him you gotta.

Start him but for me I would prefer to sit him if we’re talking texans though i will say.

You can safely start Lamar Miller this week even if Foreman comes back he’s not gonna have a significant workload and Miami’s defense.

Has been terrible against the run they’ve actually allowed an average of 118 rushing yards and a.

Touchdown per game so fire him up he’s a.

Start this week and on to the next matchup we have the Eagles versus the Jaguars simply put I am NOT starting any runningback leave him on the bench they’re.

Playing the Jags they’re a tough defense I know they’re not looking as good as they did last year but the Eagles are gonna have a tough time running the ball and the overall workload for any singular back just isn’t there it’s a committee right now I was hoping for one back to take the lead in the carries but so far it hasn’t happened and for Jacksonville it’s.

Also a bit tricky as we all know Carlos Hyde was just traded and right now seems to be TJ Yeldon in hide who will take up most of the.

Carries I will say that Yeldon should have a higher workload and more volume at least while Carlos Hyde is starting to get accustomed to the offense but I still wouldn’t be excited about starting either of them I don’t even think you can safely start.

Carlos ad at all the Eagles run defense has been super legit it’s only allowed over 55 rushing.

Yards just once all season so for me hide he’s an obvious sit and.

Yell Vince receiving ability will give him somewhat of a PPR floor but I wouldn’t put him in as anything more than a low upside flex on to the Jets in the Bears news broke out below Powell is now on IR so I know you crow all owners out there you’re really excited to get your workhorse into your starting lineup and I don’t.

Temper your expectations though because Chicago is still an incredible run defense and as we’ve seen in many games this season we do know that crawl does have that ability to break away a big play so there is still some upside there and with the volume I will say that you can still start him as a flex or maybe rb2 but remember.

It still is a risky start now in Chicago though you have to start Cohen he is just too hot to sit at this point I’m not sure how long he can handle the amount of touch totals that he’s getting without getting injured he’s a really small back but.

The overall usage in the receiving game is just extremely hard to come by at the running back position and he’s one of the few guys.

Actually get it done week in and week out regardless of matchups so lock them in as an RB 2 and I know you guys are wondering what.

To do with Jordan Howard maybe it’s cuz I’m bitter maybe it’s because I’ve.

Been let down too many times.

But I’m just gonna have to say sit Howard again this week he basically is touchdown or bust and I know he reached the end zone last week but on such a limited amount of carries we just can’t expect that trend.

To continue if the Bears have a sizable.

Lead early he may still finish the game with just 15 carries.

And no receptions so for me that means I’m leaving them on the bench the next matchup is super simple so we’ll just gloss over it Buccaneers versus Bengals no surprise we’re not starting any Buccaneers running back even less surprising you’re gonna.

Start Joe Mixon I actually have Mixon ranked inside.

My top 5 right now my rankings are always subject to change but if I’m a Mixon owner I am really looking forward to this matchup this week on to the Seahawks versus the Lions and I actually think this is a game where you can start someone you wouldn’t normally start and that player is Chris Carson for me I say Carson gets the nod to be a back end RB.

To this week and that’s where he’s gonna fall in line in my rankings and that’s strictly off of volume and matchup I think if you’re in a pinch Mike Davis is also a guy you can pick up off waivers and throw in the lineup if you’re maybe hit with too many bye weeks it’s pretty clear that Davis has been trending down in his overall volume but with good running backs like.

Melvin Gordon Austin Eckler on a bye week I can understand the start I could see him having a good game and I will certainly have him above consensus rankings for Detroit though it’s time to start carry on Johnson with confidence this week he should be in line for a good game his volumes trending upward and as carry on Johnson owner this is the wait-and-see approach that is.

Finally paying off I looked ahead at his upcoming schedule and after this matchup the next two weeks are kind of rough but even considering that I do still think he’s a guy you can continue to rely on from this point forward in the season so congratulations to all of you carry on Johnson owners the next matchup is Denver Broncos versus the Kansas City Chiefs we have Phillip Lindsay who is going to be ranked inside my top 20 it’s hard to.

Believe but Kansas City is actually.

Ranked 31st in fantasy points allowed two running backs and even though the volume isn’t necessarily there for Philip Lindsay the RB position is super thin and at this point in the season Lindsay’s a top 15 back so if you’re not gonna start them.

In this matchup you might as well just leave them on the bench.

All season or trade them Royce on the other hand he is a little more tricky I will say just because of the matchup time being ranked 31st and fantasy points allowed you can start him in a pinch at least a flex level I personally don’t think that he’s going to have a problem busting a big player too but he.

Really won’t pay off the start unless he reaches the end zone so you rolling the dice there but you could roll worse dice then with Bryce Freeman this week no need to touch much on Kareem hunt though because he’s a top 5 option this week so.

If you have them you’re throwing them in there and then we have the Redskins versus the Giants I always seem to think that Chris Thompson’s going to play and he never does so at this point I’m just going to assume that he’s gonna be.

I actually like Peterson this week more so than I have at many points of this season I actually think I’m going to have him ranked as a borderline top 15 option and it mostly comes down to a positive game script the Giants have been able to do much on the offensive side of the football and they just.

Traded away their best run defender and Damon Harrison so all that adds up to me is that Adrian Peterson is going to be safely in rb2 territory with a ton of upside now even if Chris Thompson’s plays I still think this is more of.

An Adrian Peterson game but I still believe that Chris Thompson can provide you flex level production but granted that’s if he plays and so far he hasn’t shown the ability to stay healthy so who knows similar to the last matchup with Kareem Han I mean it’s sick qualms Barkley is gonna start.

And there’s no need to go on to it any further Washington has been very stingy and fantasy points allowed.

Two running backs but Barclays receiving ability makes a matchup proof so.

You’re starting him and you’re liking it and you’re gonna be happy with the result the next matchup is the Cleveland Browns versus the Pittsburgh Steelers and as of today there’s still.

No bail which means James Connor is the.

Man you don’t need me to tell you he’s gonna have a great week someone who I’m a little less excited about is Nick Chubb pittsburgh’s at home and this defense has been trending downward and when I mean this defense I mean the Cleveland Browns so if Pittsburgh gets out to an early lead I could see chubs volume.

Decrease as the game goes on so he could be another guy who might need a touchdown to pay off.

Which isn’t the worst gamble because the Steelers have allowed.

A rushing touchdown and back-to-back weeks but if the Browns do in fact play from behind later we may see somewhat of an emergence from Duke Johnson who I still believe is going to continue to get.

More involved as we get deeper into this season don’t get.

Me wrong though I still have Chubb as a top 20 player I’m just a little less excited about the matchup than some of the other fantasy analysts out there now if I have to rank Duke Johnson I still think he’s a sick I think your best bet is.

Probably playing him in a tournament on draft kings at.

Best Ravens versus Panthers in this matchup is super cut and dry I’m not starting any Ravens running back if I can help it the game script won’t support a pass heavy.

Approach for buck Allen the Panthers aren’t known to put up a ton of points so it’s hard to imagine that the Ravens are going to be playing from a two scored deficit and then for Alex Collins they are also very stingy in allowing rushing yardage and that really.

Hurts Collins I know he does have a knack for reaching the end zone but if you don’t even have somewhat of a rushing floor it’s really tough to trust you so I’m leaving one on the.

Bench if possible and for Carolina look for Christian McCaffrey to have what should be a get right game I know the Ravens are the league’s best run defense at least when it comes to fantasy points but McCaffrey can negate that with.

His usage in the receiving game and if Cam Newton’s having trouble getting to his receivers downfield you best believe he’s gonna be looking McCaffrey’s way so I don’t see him having a particularly amazing game but regardless he’s still going to be ranked inside my top 12.

The Indianapolis Colts versus the Oakland Raiders and I am super pumped about Mac’s breakout and if you own him you should fit him.

All costs he’s gonna have a safe RB to floor he’s gonna have some upside so as a Mac owner I think this is the type of matchup that you should be looking forward to I can’t say that about any other Colts running.

Backs you definitely have to sit all of those guys but another player who’s kind of come out of nowhere due to Marshawn Lynch going on IR is Doug Martin and I know everybody’s hating on Doug Martin for his underperformance in the past but when you’re getting the volume that’s what we need in fantasy football now this could be a Peyton.

Barbour type situation where he gets 20 total touches.

And still only gets you five fantasy points remember Jhelum a shard is still.

Be used in the receiving game but this Colts matchup is pretty decent so it dick takes the Flex where these start I don’t think you need to take.

A wait-and-see approach I think you.

Can lock and load them and throw them in your lineup this week moving on we have the Green Bay Packers versus the Los Angeles Rams and this one is another one we can gloss over because it’s super simple sit all Packers running backs it’s not a get game script for Aaron Jones not enough volume for Williams or Montgomery and on the other side of the football we have Todd Gurley who do you guys need me to tell you to start talking early he’s obviously going to be ranked as my number one overall.

Running back as he should be ranked in everybody’s rankings moving on though we have the 49ers and the Arizona Cardinals and although Matt breda is really talented if he plays you have to sit him he’s just too risky he’s been knocked out of the game for two consecutive matchups you just can’t trust a guy who can’t stay on the field he gave you negative points last week so don’t be fooled I know there’s also Morris and if.

You ask me I don’t even think he should be rostered anymore I know it’s.

Tough to just drop a guy who is in a back field where there’s an injury but from what I hear I don’t think breena’s injury is too serious and Morris hasn’t.

Shown us anything to get excited about what is very interesting this week is if Breda doesn’t play I am telling you guys you.

Can start Raheem most art and forgive me if I’m mispronouncing his name but he seems to be their go-to guy to fill that burrito role in the matchup against the Cardinals it’s juicy it’s actually juicy on both.

Sides of the field too because David Johnson the 49ers haven’t been very good and.

He’s in line for a big game the volume it hasn’t been there in the recent games but when we have two subpar offenses facing against each other this is.

A game where the Cardinals might actually not get blown out so if it’s competitive the game script may dictate an approach where they can actually feed him the ball maybe 15 16 times and with David Johnson if he gets his tracks going he could turn that.

Into a very solid performance so for you DJ owners I know you’ve been waiting a.

Long time but this is actually the matchup that you might want.

To watch and see how he performs moving on we have the Saints versus the Vikings start Ingram you start camara once again just like last week I think Camaros going to have the easier time.

Being more fantasy relevant.

Just based on the matchup the Vikings they can put up a ton of points this has shootout potential all over it but I’m not saying that Ingram isn’t a good start either he still has a good chance.

To reach the end zone and when both teams are putting up points the touchdown expectancy rises with it so I’m saying Camaros in RB 1 I’ll have Ingram ranked as an RB 2.

And from what I hear Dalvin cook is not expected to play so that means fire up latavius Murray.

He’s going to be a top 20 guy once again with Dalvin cook out if for some reason Cooke plays I am not starting either with confidence you may be forced to put him in the Flex but they’re just going to eat into each other’s production and in.

Fantasy that is a recipe for disaster the final matchup the monday matchup is the Patriots versus the bills and the biggest news is that Sony Michell is likely not going to play this week that leaves James White and Kenyon.

Barner to take over this backfield and I am probably the highest on Canyon barner just this week and think of it this way they don’t want to James white in harm’s way too much in such an easy matchup the Patriots can beat.

Of their backups on offense so why put James White the guy who’s been helping carry this team in the.

Way so what that means is I could see Barner getting the majority of the touches and even finishing the game potentially with 15 to 20 touches so clearly a much higher than consensus on Kenyan barner and what I’m not saying is that.

White is this it okay you’re still gonna start white he has a super safe floor he has a super high ceiling and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him get a touchdown so I’m gonna have him as a back-end rb1 as.

Well but I just think he’s going to be a little bit more volatile this week than in some of the more recent matchups for the bills though.

It on paper is a good matchup for McCoy but so far there’s no word on if he’s going to play I’d sit him regardless he’s injured he’s another guy like Breda who could come back.

And immediately be kicked out of the game the Bills have no intention of winning this and if they have any idea to trade McCoy they don’t want him to be out for several weeks that’s just going to decrease his trade value and.

Considering that Chris Ivory is also not a very good pass catcher and that the bills are likely going to be playing from behind this entire game I’m not very high on him either but that’s gonna do it for the video guys I really hope you enjoyed if you did please hit that like button if you’re new to the channel.

We thank you all for watching and we’ll catch you on the next one.


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