The first play of the game manageable second and three and play action with it and completes his first pass of the night Marquis Goodwin nothing she’s going to tuck and run and in doing so takes a big hit but he gets nine yards as he was met by Kentrell price second and one and he gets it complete to.

The very reliable seventy-three method another completion as porn gets loose and it’s gonna be all.

Personnel desert which wheat gets it out George Biddle is met method with time ever take a shot downfield Niner strike gold change the narrative so quickly don’t they get his fullback use check and he.

Finds on the in strike ball came out at the end Packers jump on it should have no issue here’s kennel good-looking young side and cut that ball that backside all better play-action touchdown planks better no flag.

She was trying to connect the Pierre garçon heat guys and throw it down and they get off the field they do bring pressure yushik picks it up pepper steps forward and dives ahead put the points on the board before the half here as they go with.

The screen gar Shawne as you better falls to the ground that was Nick Perry who was able to get his hand up again nice play of this Drive here crusher handle wrapped up.

Or she’ll be out number 11 in the slots of Toppenish grande good guy nice strike – good one just like we’ve said tonight the key target 12 yards of haha quittin dicks learn to throw that pass incredible night for Goodwin does he look to get stars on there.
In King and of course in Olympian we told you the long.

Jump in 2012 look at the time and finally has to check down a gar son who makes a man miss picks up two blocks and drives ahead relates plate to the line on third and 2 and that’s off the hey mom they fight on when people have doubted down and complete a get to kettle who shakes free and times.

Ahead for the first third town too high from his own end zone to the pullback.

Back to the line of scrimmage use check taken down by fact the defense deliver.

Third down and ten better from the end zone goes underneath and short of it is gar Slevin there’s better to pass on second down now he pumps but is wrapped up a good job by Pat Burrell to stay with them and make the tackle we’ll be facing a third and long what a night for him but Ken’s Beathard make that play third and 10 down back after that penalty here’s better quick.

Strike past midfield are ready George Kittel seven yards they’re played on and are trying to tonight on the road batted down at the line of scrimmage third time tonight.

Nick Perry has done that hurts on the outside here down in three they’re coming after our methyl releases down.


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