Ladies and gentlemen my name is Alison Cruz and although we just narrowly escaped the clutches of a very mean and blind janitor a cold wave sweeps over our hearts and souls and we’re about ready to enter the kitchen here on little nightmares where we just barely managed to narrowly escape with but several lives lost that’s okay it’s more.

Or less to be expected in this game.

Especially those who have played and.

Can understand the plight behind a certain game mechanics that go into this if you need to point a reference this essentially.

Is a little big planet so yeah this is where we just came from and looks like we’ve got some more corpses leading off into this direction but also some empty hooks so I don’t about you guys but maybe we should hit you ride that might be our next point forward and make sure we don’t like how under any circumstances because the camera ominously pans out looks like someone’s on a smoke.

Break rude yeah um not exactly looking forward to that this next part of the game it’s a little rough and also I don’t.

Feel like this is a good method of storing perishable items as they were but the hunger pangs have returned for the third time so we’re gonna need to find.

Something to eat really fast otherwise well we’re just not gonna be able to make much progress you’d think maybe we’d be able to find something down here where all of this food is being laid out ahead of us but some mouse trap.

It’s not very effective maybe we should talk to somebody about.

That as we head over here we’re desperate for food and well for whatever reason this is what we’re gonna get well I will say this is a wonderful theme that we’ve gotten herself into yeah the escalation is getting higher.

And higher from here so we’ve got all these laundry bins filled to the brim with.
Strange strange things inside now this part of.

The level and I guess for the rest of the game they’re gonna start using a lot more music so yeah prepare yourself for that because it gets a little intense sometimes and there’s a couple of points where it is.

Really overbearing you kind of sets the mood a little too harshly as it were now before we move on here to the right side.

Blood-stained stairs to the right we’re actually gonna want to head down over here for our first collectable the third chapter fortunately we did not die there.

And this is very odd as well as the foot physics I love it also the lights a little.

Wonky but step on it it’s a shrine to the Geisha you might think that this might have some relevance for us in the future and well it does but for now I.

Just want to take it and be gone with it cool yeah look at us it’s probably one of the closest camera angles we could get of our lovely protagonists if your plate with DLC they actually do have a couple of like hats or hoods that you can put on not really so much that as much as they are you know stacks or tea pots to put on your head but I’m not gonna worry with that it just it.

Feels really out of place for the game and because you’re already wearing a really vibrant yellow coat I don’t know it was on a huge fan now we’re gonna enter quite possibly one of the most annoying segments of this entire game and I’m.


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