Where do we what do we think about Josh Rosen what is the state of the union where do we rank him among that rookie quarterback class you know it’s so early and there’s such a tight pack in terms of their play I’m just gonna forgive it my own spin in pure watch ability like the guy I want to.

Watch on Sunday I’m having a number-one I love them I’ve talked about his facial expressions he did you know he in that.

The giant sledgehammer celebration which he went on.

Twitter and dubbed the Hebrew hammer I follow him on Twitter Josh knows does the guy want to watch I like our like Baker but I’m putting him at number one most watchable right now I’m gonna give him an incomplete because.

I think he’s not been helped at all I think you’re that teacher Omar do it more mention that I don’t think Mike McCoy is doing too many favors with this offense it’s very pedestrian and you look around and Sam Donald has Jeremy Bates is this offensive wizard Josh Allen.

Is Brian De Vil from the belichick tree and Baker Mayfield has Todd Haley we’re seeing handoff up the middle handoff with the middle scream that it’s the most boring offense and to talk about it I need to see what he can do when they open things up and they.

Haven’t done that yet for him well I’ll take that hand off and speaking of hand off that means where’s the running game is watching that offense it’s like walking into a house party and there’s no music where’s the DJ come on DJ Dave where’s David Johnson so for.

Me that would help a rookie when you have struggles on offense and you have them trying to figure it out all these guys are like you said it’s such.

A tight pack they’re all under 60% in their completion percentage but when it comes to watch ability I’ll go Josh Allen more than anyone is either gonna.

Be absolutely amazing fire watch ability I look at it as far as impressed look at being impressive we all say Sam.

Donald’s a robot right he just throws an interception and can’t keep going I like his resiliency right so he gets upstaged by Baker Mayfield he faces the Jags has a really tough game against.

Them but then back-to-back wins over the Broncos over the Colts against the Colts he completed 80% of his passes he’s looking good and let’s not pretend his supporting cast is some you know all-pro level players he’s right you know they’re all rising to the occasion together Jeremy Bates obviously a huge factor if that but he’s on the.

The touchdown interception ratio denying touchdowns to.

Seven or sessions for rookie that’s really good..


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