Opening qualifying round here first things first before I go through any of the stats I just want to thank all of you guys who came down to watch we had about eight people following our group to start with about four on the back nine we had people following James as well down that is fantastic it was brilliant to.

Meet you guys in person as well and have talks and chat with everyone I’d thoroughly thoroughly enjoyed my time there it was such a good three days like I said met some great people the golf club did an amazing job of hosting this event it was so well organized that.

Alongside the RNA the course is looking a fantastic condition I mean when me and Harry played at two months ago in good condition but the green keepers just took it up.

To another level it’s fantastic they really really did a good job greens are running at 10.

5 which is a really nice speed the RNA didn’t want to get them.

Much quicker because they wanted to.

Keep pace of play a decent pace let’s get into the round of golf 79 plus seven I know following exactly the same theme as the rest of the season has is just apocalyptically poor.
Long game but I’m going to go for in school and then I.

Looked all through the positives of what come out of this round because I feel like a lot of time I can just moment about what was bad so I’m gonna take the positives from this round because there are some positives they really really are even.

Though I shot seven over so this is how much of a roller coaster it was birdie par bogey bogey bogey double bogey birdie par par par bogey birdie triple bogey bogey birdie bogey par par so up and down 40 on back nine 39 on the front 79 plus 7 fairways I hit six at 14 fairways pretty horrific greens and regulation eight hour 18 and perhaps I had 30 pups up and downs three out of nine although that does not really reflect the standard in my.

Short game my short game is actually pretty good it was just the fact that my.

Long game was so bad that I didn’t know which side I was going to miss the green Noah’s shots but I thought okay I’m gonna miss this.

Pins top right aim for center of the green fade it in from the left if it doesn’t fade back I’m on the left side and if it misses you an easy up-and-down that just doesn’t happen and I didn’t know where the ball is and start right left or we’re not moaning about stuff yet I’m gonna go.

Through the positives first before that sand saves 101 so first things Francis take the positives from this round with its operate the ten people who came up to watch I haven’t felt very very nervous on the.

First team but good nerves that means obviously it means something and it’s important and I wanted to play well which is good and I just absolutely ripped the drive down the first slightly pull the.

Second shot in a good pitch shot at the rough up onto the green just left of the pin left myself back ten ten feet 15 feet for birdie and I knock that one in second hole portrait.

Off the tee to the right missed it the right side is just thought they left or thought about going to misses anyway just make sure it goes out right 52 onto.

The green to Pat and the third hole toughest hole on the course almost made it really good up-and-down just clipped out on the right-hand side but that was a cracking chip.

Shot hit from the from the third from the third hole on the left-hand side of the.

Possible and I had about a space that big to land on the fringe.

The positives over those three holes which had to is I was.

Feeling a lot of nerves and pressure on the first tee and I hit I made a birdie down fires at a cracking tee shot and that’s really another thing which I’ve been looking for reassurance this year and I had it in my first.

My first private last year and through every event.

Which I play is under the nerves and pressure I am still able to play good golf is almost like when the nerves and pressure aren’t.

There I don’t focus on the shot as much and I get taken away more by the bigger picture really strange it’s like the more nerves and pressure I have myself and more people I have watching the more of an ability I have to stay.

In the moment and focus on that shot because that’s all I care about because I want to hit a good shot and then as I get to like whole three or four sometimes and you know I was going to.

Go from up here your nerves and pressure so we’ll go from up here and slowly decline to the the end of the first third or mid section of around and I start to think about the bigger picture and I.

Get ahead of myself rather than focusing on the moment and the cliched stuff of taking one shot at a time we just focus in on your pre-shot routine that’s something I really need to work on that’s the.

Mentally which I’d I take for this I need.

To work on is the fact that I I need to have their little bit a little bit more ability just to focus on the shot in hand as I go through my round sometimes it can slip and.

Start thinking about other things but other than that mentally I felt really good on the course on her considering how horrific my long room was I think I dealt with that relatively well as well like I mean it was it was bad it was very bad on par.

With how it was it printed a couple of months back so.

Now it really is time for me to start working with a coach I work on this Fink.

Is short game wise putting wise mentally I feel pretty good out on the golf course I’m feeling a lot more confident it’s just it’s my long games hitting greens and fairways and personally I think my course management is good but if I if I can’t hit my ball to my target then my course management is pretty much used as if I.

Don’t know where the balls gonna go then how am I meant to manage my way around the golf course so there is a coach up at mentioned Hampton called Stuart Little I’m organising something with him I’m gonna be working with him once every two to three weeks I’m gonna be going up there and having a lesson gram-gram honor he’s also gonna be helping me with my swing a little bit as.

Well and tweaking bits and bobs here in there my goal my goal now is from here to next season I just.

Need to build a reliable swing something where I know where the ball starting and I know within a certain amount where it’s gonna.


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