Hi guys Peter Finch here and welcome down to the quest for the open recap yesterday I played in regional qualifying at West slangs now the way the Open qualifying works is you have a regional qualifier then you have final qualifying now if you get through both of those then you are in the open yesterday at West Lankes there.

Were 11 spots up for grabs and I wasn’t in the million miles away first of all you are new to the channel D quest for the open is a challenge which started a.

Couple years ago which was all about trying to improve my game to the point where I had a chance of actually going through those stages of qualification now the future of this process and what’s going to be happening with the quest for the open I will cover in another video on Sunday whenever a little bit of a.

Time to reflect and put into action some of the plans that I want to over the next few months now these video clips are on the course they were.
average golfer here on Twitter.

And Luke Holdsworth as well who has his own YouTube channel make sure you go onto Twitter make sure you go onto YouTube and.

Check these guys out there is some really good stuff and it was very kind to just given me that footage from yesterday and now is the first thing that I want to say about Westland yesterday a massive massive thank you to everyone who actually came out to support me it was it yeah it’s really really touching in many ways the guys.

Would travel from so far to actually just come watch me play golf had people from all over the northwest.
This Scotland in Carlisle as well.

And it’s yeah it really really means a lot and also Lee Sullivan thank you so much for carrying my bag yesterday while pushing my bag yesterday I’m giving me some help with my game and it was really really.

Good so I go to Lee for my plotting lessons.

But yesterday all round it was just an absolute top that on the bag so that was very very useful and he certainly saved.

Me some shots out there and we get on to the score so I shop for over and in fairness it was pretty close to being a lot lower than that in.

My respect so let’s have a look through the my around Pro The Strokes gain before we get into how everyone else did and all the rest of it am I so you see it my strokes gained here.

My driving my short approach and my putting they were in and around that scratch baseline now when you fight at West Lansing you have ever played at West Lang’s it is a tough track it is a very tough track and yesterday it was in absolutely prime condition I mean the fairways were baked they.

Were browning the greens were pretty much perfect to be honest they were the best screens I put it on this year by by a long way they were absolutely amazing you do get the chance to go.

Down there soon make sure you take it you can see his first game driving it was ok but off the tee I only hit.

Driver once I’ll get onto that in a moment and my short game was pretty good so dealings any strokes there my putting was good and.

It was just there was a few lapses in there of concentration and of nerve over some of the shorter ones where I needed to be brave on the.


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