A nine-time howled here at Churchill Downs Friday November 2nd and Saturday November 3rd I am Jacques Cousteau fact the racing analysts for Churchill Downs my coast is Katun braids are and we are very pleased to have you joining us from all over the globe today on Breeders Cup calm and on Facebook yeah okay okay keep talking before we.

Begin with the announcement I would like to introduce president.

And chief executive officer of Breeders Cup limited mr.
Craig 3-volt for some opening remarks Craig good to everyone and welcome to the live announcement.

Of the horses pre-entered for the 2018 Breeders Cup World Championships here for the record tying nine-time and historic Churchill Downs on Friday November 2nd and Saturday November 3rd.

I’m joe krista factor Racing analyst for Churchill Downs joined by Kate and radar and my co-host today for all the races that we’re gonna go through as far as the pre entries for the Breeders.

Cup go we are very pleased that you have joined us today from all over the globe on Breeders Cup comm and on Facebook before we get begin with the important announcements.

Of those pre entries I would like to introduce the president and chief executive officer of Breeders Cup Limited mr. Craig Frey vil for some opening remarks Craig Thank You Jo and thank you for wearing those purple sneakers I know the crowd can’t see them on the streaming but it makes me feel right at home with all the purple around Churchill Downs it’s a great pleasure to be back here as you said for the 9th time we’re very excited by our.
We’ve got great horses great races.

Great betting interests want to thank all the participating owners trainers and the connections of these horses for their sportsmanship and entering here at Churchill it’s gonna be a great great two days of racing and for us at the Breeders Cup who don’t get to be at the race track every day it’s a real pleasure to be back here at Churchill Downs and.

To welcome you officially to Churchill Downs I’d like to introduce the president of Churchill Downs mr. Kevin Flannery Thank You Craig thanks everyone for being here a very very exciting time as I said the ninth time for the championships here at Churchill Downs we’re excited about it our whole team Craig is honored that Breeders Cup.

Has come back it really energizes our team because they love great racing and that’s what Breeders Cup provides and we think we provide the ideal location for the Breeders Cup championships both internationally and domestically East Coast West Coast South Europe all of the great horses.

Come here to compete on what we think is one of the great platforms for a great fair.

Contest so we’re looking forward to it and we want to thank the city of Louisville as well I hope everybody when you come into town see all of the great.

Changes that have happened at the racetrack and around this city since 2011 the time we have soda Breeders Cup championships let’s have some great racing let’s have a great week thanks those gentlemen got to do a lot of the fun stuff and we have more of that.

Coming up with the announcement of the fields but first some really important information.


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