Hi everybody dan omen along with Matt Bernie ER welcome to Breeders Cup focus the pre entries are out for the Breeders Cup World thoroughbred championships and in this edition of Breeders Cup focus we’re gonna take a look at the pre entered contenders for the Breeders Cup sprint let’s throw up the list right now ranked in order of Daily.

Racing Form national handicapper Mike watchmaker’s preliminary morning line now there are several notable horses on this list that have the Sprint down as a second.
Preference most notably mind your biscuits who has the Breeders Cup Classic.

In his sights and Firenze a fire who.

Would prefer as of right now to run in the Breeders Cup dirt mile other horses that have the Sprint as a second preference are 22 one shot seven trumpets 32 one shot warriors Club and the one also eligible on the pre entry list b-squared.

But Matt this is an intriguing East versus West matchup much like in the 2017 Breeders.

Cup sprint when southern california-based Roy H beat East Coast based Imperial Hinton it’s really kind of been a tale of two.
Prep races coming in yeah it certainly has.

Imperial hint you want to talk about just hands and heels for his rider and his sprint coming into this in the Vosburg as opposed to Roy H we saw Roy H he faced probably a better more talented field in the Santha need his sprint unfortunately Ranson the moon won’t be running in the Breeders Cup sprint but look Imperial hit really boils down to do you think he got enough out of that Vosburg and he’s gonna be ready to go and cranked up for.

Race of his career not including last year’s Breeders Cup spring now let’s show the folks what Matt’s been talking about because this Vosburgh was a grade one in name.

Only he was facing several horses that were actually claimed out of their most recent race and he.

Just got an easy lead and watch Xavier is not only not asking Imperial hint for run in the final sixteenth to eighth of a mile but he’s actually just completely gearing down this was nothing more than a public workout mr.
Crowes 22-1 on watchmaker’s line in the.

Sprint makes this closer than it really appeared yeah and really this is kind of my only concern with Imperial headed into the sprint it’s not a matter of talent I think on his best day when he’s feeling his best right now he’s the best sprinter.

In the country but I feel like very reminiscent to earlier this year when he ran in the Churchill Downs at Churchill Downs that the prep leading into that Tampa Bay Downs was so easy did he get enough out of it and when the real running starts here next Saturday is he gonna be able to answer.

The bell and while Imperial hint is over too at Churchill Downs I think he can make excuses from both of those losses one a 1 turn mile very early in his career in the Pat day mile for three-year-olds that distance a little bit too long and this wasn’t the Imperial int we’ve come to know and earlier this year over a sloppy track going seven furlongs give him a fast six and you know he’s.

Going to compete very strongly Roy H the defending champion in this race has only.

At two starts ins an excellent third in.


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