Jiae’s infants in the backfield along with david thompson and the pass is going to be wide intended for johnson coming out of the backfield and they had Justin Coleman a Nickelback defending him there sakagami Tara blank page to Johnson NASA’s going with the drop right there was Larry Fitzgerald II Clinton hold onto it take over here is Josh.

Rosen it’s inscribed at Kristen Kurt and the rookie has a purse down close to the 40-yard line the first day 1937 of the Seahawks play it again and Josh Rosen going.

Up on top the plates it though it’s tucked away curtsy Lee Lee had it and it was knocked away by Trey flowers the rookie cornerback tight formation.

Executive he quit going out too and that for Nelson is his first reception of the.

Year carbons each six and the quick going to card can cut first down and loses the ball and let’s see if the play was blown dead and it was sweet seven to nothing but.

His second at 11 with Josh Rosen in the Cardinals on the 27th here comes pressure for Rosen and his role is going to be here to sideline and let’s see if it was a touchdown.

For Ted Williams just isolation running up the field and this is not open this is a quarterback throwing you open right here great adjustment by Chad Williams we just talked about the fact that he needs to step up his game but it’s the confidence of Josh Rosen and Josh Rosen not arrogance confidence is born from a place of humility I’ve done the work let’s see if.
Both feet get in under here well sure the right foot may.

Have been out about has been changed spine Larry Fitzgerald and a first down on the 11 yard line on the day levy like the Seahawks who lead it 7 to nothing Rosen has time and his complete Fitzgerald claiming he was interfered with but no flag is down he’s not afraid.

To swing looking for the quick pass Chad Williams was the intended receiver and Justin Coleman has done a terrific job in the secondary for the Seahawks he.

Is got a great spirit about right now he hasn’t had the best the block says he gets it.

To Fitzgerald for the short gain out to the 15 on the 24 of the Seahawks press of coming in on rosin rosin over the top this time.

Fitzgerald is a great catch hold on side the Seattle 20 gain of seventh intermission comes a.

First guys and five after the penalty and rosin in trouble and Rosen’s going to take off and Josh Rosen to me he just a little bit shy close to the first down 18 seconds left.

And one timeout for the Cardinals first down and he gets hit.

And loses it and Wagner again with a crunching hit on Fitzgerald run it out on second down and 13 five potential receivers for Josh Rosen he goes out to Kirk her trying to get away from.

Flowers he can’t do rodent stepping up short.

Of the first down he fumbled but then grabbed.

It as a pusher here as everybody’s on last movies and the repeat a sentence in the game Josh Rosen incomplete intended for the tight end with Ricki seal zone so that was a three and out in a Horace two possessions and tooth ran out.

So far for the Cardinals offense in the second half let’s see if they change it rosin under siege completes the pass and maybe they get about four yards to Derrick Coleman that tied the open lot of crops early by the Cardinal receivers formation corrosion on third and 11 the pass is incomplete creative and Josh Rosen.

With time and Rosen walks it and it’s gonna be caught by rickie seals Jones eat the six Josh Rosen comes back to the back side only first down other than the penalty goes by the big game for the second half in the battle and it throws the ball away the Seahawk 49 second attack we pass to David Johnson Johnson inside the 30 David Jackson is going to be whistled out by Bobby Wagner after a huge games margles in field goal range but they’re looking for more.

Italian guys we picked a handoff to.

Is going to be caught for the touchdown by Chad Williams and always starts with this pocket of fun you can protect your quarterback you’ve gotten opportunities look at these guys there are seven guys that protect you you’re running just a two-man route out there beautifully beautifully thrown in a low spot where the seat can’t get over the top to make the play look out down low that is Chad Williams on the touchdown tell you what Rosen has made sup two brilliant throws in this Drive 1 to Ricky.

Sealed in trouble throws it away and there was a mixup there apparently over the middle and the.

Patches made at the 29 by David Johnson.

Pass rusher in coverage that time.

The pickup of five the Johnson slipped to the be out of your picture on third down and five and Johnson to receive it it’s the first.

Down at the 35 David Johnson 62 yards as around.

41 yards as a receiver this past for the first time by Ricky Steel’s Jones big cats as Rosen again threads the needle.

Between a couple of defenders and gets 21 yards and into seahawk territory simone.felix the offense chosen and he’s gone guys to help you get the first down and it’s close well he’s just getting off coverage right here he runs to the flat spins around has dives for it make that back foot hits just out of bounds before he can extend the ball.


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