An entire season of working out the key feature in your favorite gift up – thinking I can’t kill an animai won’t kill an ant Monay you must be money it’s money and of course he’s actually over here baby watch him mouth party for one you coming all night Oh welcome to we shall over jug boom this show breeze.

You black nature huh you mess it up don’t match me and then not match me it’s the show that gives you black culture on the rocks you messed it.
Up and takes it Oh welcome to we shall over job you’re sure they’re gonna.

Kiss you black monster are you tired child the show that gives you black culture on the rocks hey I’m Jameer pond a wide awake all right to the left of.

Me is the clearly drowsy red man is dropping her husband’s she clean she decorated she made it nice and still no child fuck me right fuck me Bob okay we’re here in Brooklyn at an amazing bar for the bad.

Old days yes play games have fun come the shitty movie night yes free popcorn you guys.

Are wondering why we have whoo no cards in our hand is because they’re covered in striping we got excited yeah yeah and I’m about to bust you.

Player don’t we yeah we do Segway mommy someone is joining us in this pseudo game mm-hmm the model the founder of the media collective called the junction and most of all he’s a rapid rap artists okay that.

Read if he does rapid irreps I mean it’s really bad feels little 80s okay I don’t know any Shrek.

Well somebody’s address oil let me just say that my start no because this was your idea that should be you all right dad will be me that’s not I’m playing right into it hey civil you like to take part Oh.

Ray no yes all right please this your go athlete I’m actually gonna go red blue how do you get.

Right damn how does this admin that’s you miss yeah yeah you’re a fool please sit welcome to the show man what the fuck I didn’t shuffle this at.

All so how much crap you’re eight yes all right do you mind good under news sure yeah about your ten yes yes welcome to the show yeah I’ll be honest if I shuffled it might have been better okay being that I don’t know how to kind of hindered.

Lives push to the side I win nobody else thank you for being our guest watch on it today I’m excited to have this cocktail that you.

Make for us what are we drinking some good old civil disobedience oh it’s not bad it’s a shooting day it’s.

Tequila makes you want to hit the streets crazy someone did request in our comments that we should be more drunk on the show now let me just say I’m not ruining my liver for no body who’s commenting.

On your show I will continue to drink at the pace that I do because I am responsible well.

The show’s titled overture yeah he’s new at this well let me tell you about the child reality Latasha don’t be drinking on the show how about that I bother now if usual what’s your drink of choice what do you usually hey alright.

Don’t say anything that supreme stereotype thank oh it’s like you know extreme moments rounds tonight but also I’m Dominican so I nice Eloisa God mask you a political question are you the Dominican that claims to be black as well yes oh there we are you talk to be decide to face that truth what yes yeah she’s bad there we.

Go oh boy to kill her I was kind of jesting this is interesting oh it has a little spicy yeah yeah okay this is like when you sleeping with a big bomb woman and she kicked you out the bed because it’s a lot of dying boy I imagine you sleeping with a large woman and getting wrapped up.

In her voluptuous curves because you’re very small I prefer.

Petite but we can go with that as well it’s unisex word let’s go the thing that was where this week I don’t feel like singing for you today you literally just like fine I’ll do a song if it’s weird it happened today weird this week the biggest news.

Story that happened since we were gone last week Brett Butler came back to TV and is in a revival of the Brit show with Sinbad and TK Cotter what happened this week we’re gonna skip right oh okay all right maybe.

Maybe like that maybe didn’t happen what was the big news that can be bigger than that well not much bigger Oh Kevin you saw that thank you cardi B got into a tussle at New.

York Fashion Week at a Harper’s Bazaar party couture gowns and headshots yeah ah let the.

Record show that Niki nor cardi threw a punch at each other but it was a lot of running around and she would fight.

You on that and say cardi through plenty.

Of punches she just couldn’t reach her right because Nicki Minaj was somewhere else in Red Hook yes as compared ease gonna be all over it anyways that why not just throw your punches because you know you’re not there like there’s not gonna be a real fight how am I even posted up yeah that’s how you get crazy Nikki’s should addition some today on thing why because you got street cred if.

You did a little hustling Oh about the way you would like nobody you know why cuz Nicki Minaj just like the gaslighting queen she’s gonna like fishy fishy fishy then when you react she’s like I don’t even do this I don’t even act like that and like she makes you look crazy when you’ve just been like dodging car energy this entire time so I couldn’t make you.

Play their game like an evil mastermind like she made cardi act all sorts of crazy.
Master of none okay Wow expand because nobody.

Like even though she did dead no baited things people still don’t like you know her bugs shattered buzz bobs really fuck whatever but it’s like the general consensus that she wanted no beep despite her lyrics and other quotes that she’s made in the past one of my favorite podcasts the French on the podcast and hey grant hey Barba a really interesting point by saying cardi should no longer be in survival mode she.

Wants to see cardi thrive you’re in a new place you got a new tax bracket you’re in a new realm of life I’m Gus’s hood mentality still serve you does it still work she just got famous though I think it stopped pretty dude yeah it’s like you didn’t take 50 huh you mean even still 50 yeah six months out of the bronze change party I don’t even make sense so cardi would be.
Boring if she would change just like it’s like when my heart broke when.

We lost II like when Eve got rich well Eve married a billionaire that’s different is that true or is that like one of those like Tommy Hilfiger it’s like races like no she’s no he’s a billionaire he’s a billionaire and Tommy races we don’t know he knows figures.

Raised that’s not like that wasn’t true that’s just yeah.

MacBook Pro from 2010 the hard drive still works but even if you put a new shell on it give it a new screen try to update it.

Trashed so the MacBook Pro from 2010 is trash I don’t wait any time said cardi is like a MacBook brush you can dress up something but if the hardware is still the same we’ve got nowhere quick cardi in any Couture Elie Saab heel Tom Ford lip and a luxurious weave she is still from the Bronx full swing on you at any event and I make process if I could be like she shouldn’t even be acting like that over the end one of them it’s like.

This is still carbines yeah exactly she is she is if she got might change some aneurysms and got like a speaking coat she wouldn’t be authentic like we love party cuz she’s like dancing what would make you fight at a Tom Ford party and luxurious three-piece suit if somebody ate.

All the mac and cheese is the mac and cheese would be good okay somebody ate on a mac and cheese and it was made by a diabetic afro if somebody said boy some it was better than Jodeci and then proceeded to try to explain to me why and then at the end say you know what they could eat it dig that would probably made me fight I mean you slip yeah civil you have to diamond cufflinks on you’re invited to the most non races.

Of Tommy Hilfiger parties okay elite and you have a simple in your tie what would make you play could be some Beyonce ver they did slander it’s a good man right here that’s a good man yeah it might it could be a red-velvet scenario you know like I pushed too far with the idea that it’s like one is one than die chocolate many people want to hold on to that and.

That’s yeah let me swing one real way yeah forget you and George Clooney if he’s there and.

I get reminded of oh that was a really bad bad man so you might have to swing on.

Him and crystal Dunn yes I was.

There gonna have to grab throwing shoes yeah would it be what nice who doesn’t want to fight anymore Kanye so apologize to Drake for all of the.

Mishaps concerning pushes see the pushing TVs he wants to make homes again does he realize well Drake.

Is also probably a significant ghostwriter of is nice to have those bars ready no more Wyoming trips or scooping poop why he wrote that himself we can tell yeah well me hey you know what I do like the fact that he’s back in the studio chopping up sold in stone so maybe trying to make amends to cease like I I got my production inspiration back it’s fully loaded now.

All I need is somebody with lyrics and bars to accompany me this.

Is probably so that’s why he went to the studio was little pomp and sakauchi six nines that’s exactly what he was looking for well you know yeah the babysitter’s well when you’re 40 hanging out with Takashi’s like somebody should babysit Kim Kardashian she’s hanging up a drink allegedly allegedly nothing happened I’ll be honest if she fucked.

Nick Cannon there’s no way she’s not fucking true.

She started with Ray J she started with bad well I don’t see right I don’t see.

Why you wouldn’t have a little tryst with Drake and the late of the night in the studio when Kanye is upstairs your mother why not you got to even up that average it’s like yo when you go when you have like a 69.

Average in school and you ask the professor like okay.

So I know I feel that this final makes up how much of our grade that’s basically describing apart or is this an accurate description no she.

Go what we wanted you to pass no this is like me asking my professor like bro I yeah my mommy’s gonna beat the shit out of me what can I do to help better my great um speaking of things.

That were did it’s meeting the things that we’re done and did I don’t know what tense were using Beyonce seems to me her relationship that’s all.

You’re lucky what a parent now her baby shower shout out to be forgetting the old group back.

Together you know what I really love the fact that Latoya is the least good name out of everybody you got Beyonce comedian which is County tiffaney TRO which is Michelle latavia which is the one that no one.

Cares about and Latoya so shout-out to Letoya Luckett having a baby looking all good to be honest they just have your luggage ready just in case you got a lead pack three outfits hi we’re not gonna do it’s bad ratafia Robinson is that laughs how is Farrah Oh TV one good good yeah yeah I love it I love it all so are we good never never a problem no they can’t stand.

Next to her for more than 15 minutes have to get in line with the rest of the meet and greet fans yo with you Beyonce out of the kindness of heart would a baby shower cuz they’re friends no backstage of Beyonce show that was that bitchy fiance was in you in costumes I thought beyond literally just looks like that all the time she doesn’t go to baby showers and body suits she should yeah it’s definitely not gonna be a reunion album girl oh I’m happy for Latoya.

Lucky meeting Beyonce we all want to meet young there yeah she didn’t just meet they were in a whole room they knew each other upon a time um what Dave recently like linked up with jazz over that way I was like down four years ahead Matt maybe that’s like rubbing off on be honest a little bit where she’s like you know I like that idea do you think Beyonce apologize of a toy it did beyond they did nothing it was math you know they it’ll I know.

In terms of that situation they say about oppression people who are silent or aiding the oppressor if you don’t say nothing that’s a father any he own Rupert Tom I’m just the wife I didn’t buy the slaves how do we get this man you did you silent you complicit how do you know what I be honest.

They didn’t speak up because she’s the one who had a job and then Beyonce kicked a father off the tour as well that’s right.

Totally on the table you said hi.

Fans who could miss the nose go home um wow this is why we never get my tequila let’s talk about more racism.

On the court being a huge black beast throwing and stomping attention as displayed in that comic for trying to convince the guy who sits in the tall seats the umpire.

Umpire um that she wasn’t cheating yes I haven’t seen a black woman depicted as a huge.

Gorilla in so long that comic was a startling to say the least yeah and then when you’re a half asian half Japanese young woman do you automatically turn into a white blonde when you go against Serena is this half patient half Japanese woman from Compton I don’t believe so so yes okay I mean.

They definitely did want to include.

Education but they first of all you tell her that she can’t wait a a catsuit no that’s like saying yo Kobe you got it on Sunita’s you gotta play in half bottles you can’t tell her.

To go nothing you wanna know why she’s the goal she revolutionized the sport yeah but that’s not her fault they would give her hard bottom shoes or.

The other people could have a slight chance and normalizing the compensation that’s mad either way like Serena.

Is sarena like she’s the reason why people are tuning in you think they’re tuning in for Pete Sampras you don’t need to play no more don’t play.

The walk that’s the thing about racism it hurts them as well yeah it’s cost you money it costs your opportunities it costs you intelligence but being races must feel so much better just to say even though I set myself ablaze your burn – yeah so that loyalty is very deep one spark that’s a joke to never be a lawyer to the cause even though it’s like shooting themselves in the head yeah very disheartening but Serena nonetheless did lose she.

Was very gracious to young loved her and she even nah boules there you go chat.

To my Asians she cry of a homicide.

It’s a good like she got some moxie cos think about like when she like when they announced that she was gonna play there she was like all saw stuff.

And I call my go player I would have push you than these smokers right anything like if a boxer was like I’ll get in the ring with oh I can’t believe a mother punch Roy Jones in the nose today that’s.

It gotta settle in it’s impressive that she was able to be like yeah everybody knows I know great what else happened besides the pilot hmm there’s a woman who’s in trouble there are two children.

Once a teen she’s angry yeah very descriptive.

Anyway they have the move to the old star to get where’s tradition around here to finish what the fuck is an hourglass question why would we refill it this much if you knew we had to.

Over chug this one’s never refilled yes it was it’s totally our job not doing.

That right is it no it’s a nice guy no it’s not Kevin she’s a liar.

Hmm good all right now you took a week off you didn’t over Chuck the last time you can’t do it two week shows around I’m responsible you’re going to be drinking at the tone nasty not akela you want a drink I told.

Austin Jocelyn goodness on the other all right so we are gonna have our drunken debate each week we do this I’ve been consistently losing so that’s not good in the slot but hopefully I win this week and only you guys decide but this week we’ll be talking about which is the better starburst please leave red or pink now ladies and gentlemen we all know pink is the player Beyonce said so about with some pink hits the.

Tip of your lips it’s soft these are mother China which are my star birds it’s subtle it’s so sweet so sensual and the pink flavor is always the juiciest no um men beg for it again we’re talking about vagina I’m pretty sure men bet for that pig sweet delicious mixer.

To chew on so the juices run down and it’s such a soft flavor that everything else afterwards just blooms it enhances every other flavor to follow we’re talking about.

Star buzz so when you go get that pack of starbursts you look at ready you like red danger what stop sign there you go pink what anybody else to notice she was talking about vagina I just wanna cover you I do Kevin you got that yeah yeah yeah talk about red so well you got that about eating pink yeah yeah yeah not not pink starburst.

Right yeah you know you won’t know why because if.

We’re talking about vagina being equated to pink starburst and that would just mean that all vagina was.

So far as we all know that pink starburst is the second banana of starburst in fact if you open up mocr starbursts packets the yellow packet you’ll see that red is number one and the reason why I’ve written some ones because God wants you to enjoy your life and not struggle through the oranges and the lemons and then.

You get to the Pink’s but you get to that upper echelon of red whoo because it has an estimated probably somewhere down the road when you have red starbursts first of all just like kool-aid red is its own flavor we.

Don’t know what this starburst is it’s just praying it’s just red could it be cherry could it be strawberry I don’t know it’s red.

There’s nothing like the red star bears in the pack it is the most fruitful starburst air and that’s the reason why it is an African American fan free no no no here’s how it goes vagina red stoppers booty ho I like what you tried to make another argument for yourself because you lost twice which means you.

Are on a losing streak yeah the fans love to see you rap I think that’s what.

It is they just want to embarrass me they just love seeing you right now that’s all.

If I school all over again you did it you did a great job being a grown kid our last show.

I would like you to tell us a story in rapid erat form what do you mean much like the days of Slick Rick the original storyteller please draw out your final day.

A few bars Sybil who’s also a rapper we’ll be judging how much you suck along what.

Are your credentials in this fucking down the street just whistle miss it got real hot not started to fix right on the corner by the unicycle I said.

Hey I’m Michael yeah that’s how some bug’s goes every time I see a pretty young Pope I say hello.

Are you sweaty because you look like Betty White exactly and that’s what I say I rob like that I don’t free I both hey Lord give me some AC cuz it’s hot like AC Slater I see you later alligator she was a lady of the night you know hi oh yeah like my friend my brother.

I love you so much so talented right now we love them that is creativity at its finest that was the guy who just sits.


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