Susy and today I want to introduce about my idea of the app the name is an axis step is a can of um have the idea from their Swift for language there are some syntax within yes which is next step which I feel like it’s a pretty good name and my function I create a just a brave for.

The type of it of it it’s like a counting down app about your target or a dream and you can just the seta some some louisa to break it down.

And i liked it what you’re gonna do and yours to all of us i’ll leave you as a daytime to remind you okay how far you from your dream and how many time you still can use for your dress for your checklist I know once you’re done.

Of it and it’s just it’s gonna be finish and there’s other dream on the screen you can keep doing it and with a to make it a little bit of fun and I decide to create a function there’s a light probably this button burnisher yeah we’re clear is a jump to another page which has a bunch of dream from other people like you the people probably post.

Your dream and you can set a private private or public key and the other people can decide you’re gonna decide other people can see your dream right now you can just kind of inspire.

Other people or give other people idea what you do and didn’t the less important functions analysis I mean to create.

An applicant dolly it’s a cool but I mean people need a feedback see how how to make their life better how to haast how to STOP delaying how to finish the job on time daniel notices to remind them.

To remind them is like I can do better job and that is a many idea of my app thank you.


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