Derek given their live at the DRF headquarters here and we brought in remotely Jay Bergman to talk about the British crown we’ve picked out a few select races that I think will be some of the more difficult ones on the card and Jays gonna help us handicap them I hope so with it with any luck we’re gonna start.

In race number three there are 12 British Crown races on the card three $40,000 guaranteed pick fours a jackpot pick five of sorts it’s a.

Mandatory payout with a $20,000 carryover all.

The actions going to be on harness live we start in.

Race three the two-year-old filly pace they’re going for six hundred thousand dollars is on the line here and we have a situation here where we have quite a few options worried what you buuuut is the.

Morning line favorite coming off a fourth place finish behind tall drink on over st.
somewhere is the morning line favorite.

No no wait where are you Butte says somewhere is the second choice scuse me well what do you see this how do you see this race playing out at all J yeah.

You know it’s it’s interesting you had to win a race to get a favorable draw fortunately that therefore owaru you beautiful didn’t win but managed to get a favorable draw nonetheless I.

Think when you look at the two strongest horses in the race they’re lining up next to each other torturing kind of our war.

We you beaut and it’s just a question of you know what value you take on last week’s elimination you know III thought why.

Are we you you know put in a monster effort and forth from the eight Hall but at the same time I thought well drink however did you know did something that is like you know if she was passed on the backstretch and you know it looked to me like the race was over with one one quick move.

But the filly dug in and fought on and you know I think one.

Thing I’ve learned over time I prefer a filly that digs in to affirm.

To a filly with high speed I think Warren we you Butte has probably more extreme speed in tall drink but I like the words that that has the guts I think it’s worth a look to take a second look at that particular race we’re gonna call up.

The replay here where were you Butte basically comes out tall drink on over you see warrior you boots on the.

Outside now at yannick Ginga and you know kind of rushing up to Tolcher encounter over and these two are gonna definitely.

Duke it out J you know I I mean that Yannick would have such confidence in the filly is no surprise coming off a world record mile at the red mile and you know he actually told Gabe Pruitt before the race that he would see him in the winner’s circle again it didn’t turn out.

That way but I think that was the enormous confidence he had the filly you know the other side of that is I think he knows she’s more a 1-run type and I think.

You know maybe this week with with the draw.

He has that ability to put into one run yeah no doubt about it and then you see told her encounter over here digging in in the stretch the whole dog zero tolerance who had a really nice trip sitting behind and told you encounter Haku he has that one.

Held at bay you know for me when I looked at this race I kept I mean I felt like it was pretty wide open there are horses in here that could certainly step up even beauty on the beach is getting a driver change Tim Tetrick a good spot on the inside I think you on that horse last.

Week queen of the pride has it had a little bit of trouble look like she couldn’t quite keep it all together and lost it for a little bit but seems to have some sort of talent.

You can’t fault that effort ultimately I just kept.

Coming back to the fact that warrior you beaut is the fastest horse in the race you know I said we’re a crossroads here about speed versus you know guts and you know you just gave a minor like well he held off she held off zero tolerance as well she held yeah exactly she held off zero tolerance and zero tolerance couldn’t have had a better trip you know if they had s there in advance with what trip to your bike I’d like to I.

Like to sit behind her after she’s got to go all out the three quarters I just sit there and I go by her and she didn’t go by her and with every shot to go buyers so that that’s that’s Mike Paul I mean you.

It’s wide open I think she’s really really good listen I can’t deny you the fact that told you encounter is a really good horse and I certainly you know would use it on my tickets in the pic for certainly I won’t worry you.

Buuuut and we’re gonna move on to race number four it’s the two-year-old Colt trot also sick hundred thousand dollars on the line the morning line favorite here is two to one with Jim pansy and we’re gonna take a look at how Jim pansy came out with the victory last week in the elimination it was a pretty big mild J III I think it was extraordinary I think you know there was a big test for Jim pansy you know coming off the New York’s our estate circuit there’s always a.

Question of you know what have you faced and you g speeding cornering horses at times and they’re half bar tracks and now you step up to the big time and you got to go a bigger track and obviously nothing given last week the horse troop Paulo state but.

You know Brian Sears it seems like he knows how to navigate and when he’s got the goods he doesn’t seem to get too flustered I mean he just just methodically does what he has to do has confidence in the horse and I think that’s a great thing with a two-year-old.

Trata when you when you have that kind of ultimate confidence that you can take care and not really worry about it do you I mean obviously on paper at least Green mentally she looks like the the main threat as far as the you know as far as who’s fastest but do you think it turns out with post position number eight that green man who she is the horse that’s you know could give him the most trouble I you know I think so I certainly think again we were that crossroads of uncoupled.

Entries and likely to work with each other if they can but I I kind of think that you know we mentally she has enough talented to be on the front end and you know perhaps Jim pansy decides that he wants to be near near there as well and the two of them set up shop running one two around the track so I could.

Totally see that I mean you.


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