What’s up everybody welcome back to the skyline dude YouTube channel so in today’s video I kind of wanted to well put it this way I guess you guys have by now at least have heard of at least the mean and/or the youtube series change my mind well I kind of wanted to incorporate that into cars so basically the.

Topic of this video is I believe Subarus have the best sounding four-cylinder exhausts ever so that is what you need to help change my.

Mind of now if you agree or disagree leave a comment.

In the comment section below letting me know either which way you guys have a different car that you think sounds better than Subarus let me know about it if you have a link from another YouTube video that you want to post you know post away let’s let’s start a nice discussion and you know really find out does Subaru have the best sounding exhaust.

For a four-cylinder so after I’m done talking here you’re going to see probably about a minute or so clip of this car and this exhaust on my 2013 Subaru WRX so yeah guys change my mind so.

Guys that is gonna do it for this video like I said leave a comment below what do you guys think you guys that have any other opinions on the exhaust for four cylinders now we’re not including v8s we’re not including v6 is inline six is none of that only four-cylinder.

Cars guys so let me know in the comments section below if you guys enjoyed this video or agree with me hit that like button don’t forget to subscribe to the channel for more content guys and just like that we will catch you on the next video.


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