Ready for the second for the day and a perfect day for it they’re racing eristic a little sluggishly away off the inside stormy or a bustle doubt brilliantly from stares and whispers and also cessation or jump pretty well and now eristic picks up ground off that inside cue being followed by amazed and then del sur del Ganga the.

Load further back behind the mercury miss sipping into stride they’re being followed deeper out on the track by sundar e over towards the inside king of planets.
Who’s well off the pace treatement and a clear last is German a G.

It’s a strung out field here at the 500 meter mark and stormy aura hood burns straight to the top led stares and whispers they’ve put five lengths on cessation literistics amazed and then dell Ganga and further back mercury miss it’s a two.

Horse war at the top of the straight storm Aurora stares and whispers who’s being nursed now he shakes it up at the two hundred stairs and whispers ranges up.

Stormy aura though it will not laid out in the hundred it fights back regains the lead story aura stares and whispers runs come to.

An end further back behind them sensational but stormy orator but first up weak stares and whispers three or four lengths behind them cessation or mercury mist together and the latter was flying late then trade Minh right behind those amazed and then German a gap del Ganga in behind the myristic del Sur well backing of planets and towards the rear Sun Derry first up stormy your shooter McGraw T came up with the skates on here from that wide.

Draw burned off stares and whispers but the two again locked horns over the last five hundred stares and whispers was being nursed and kitted to by bonnie police and got leveled with stormy aura but the horse then really started a backpedal storm you’re running away from it in.

The last little bit and back there third home is cessation ‘l in front of mercury miss doing its best late now before the winner stormy aura by oratorio from full-on storm for the lads on to a.

Syndicate mary almond b dil de parker and also j Mottram j day and okay croupier gee Grover rjw sermon C Davies prepared by Robinson Harvey and handled by Sean McGraw T defeating stares and whispers a Philly by lope.

De Vega from Chinese whispers Verona Wally Daly trained by Sean Casey handled by apprentice Bonnie police and back there a distant third was cessation ‘l is my black friars trained by Jim Taylor written by Jason Brown 14 13 12 11 – quarter by three and a half in fifty eight seven four could run in the class 58 74 with a 34 for four last 600 meter sectional.

First up today stormy aura having at sixth career round placed three times previously and cracks it today with an all the way a victory the third event will be the Glenroy chaff handicap over 1,200 meters at 254 and we’ve got a field of nine no alterations they’re coming up in the next on the program in the meantime.
Let’s go down to Gareth who joins us in the yard and.

Sean McGraw he made his intentions very clear as the starter hit the button he wanted the front and he was going to get.

There as quickly as he possibly could I guess that was the key to the success of stormy or it’s a die stares and whispers is pretty quick but it was blistering out of the.


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