Hello hello it is Jade the other adventurous here and in this video I just wanted to do a quick tutorial on how to add cover photos to your Pinterest boards now um if you’re anything like me and you like to stay on brand and you like things to look cohesive across all your platforms and this is a really.

Good way to keep that still on brand with you so for example if you look at my top two boards you’ll notice that both of them have covers now rather than just having a bunch of random pins because.
If you’re following pinning strategies.

Where you’re sharing other people’s content as well as your owns then.

Boards like this can start to look a bit messy and not on-brand so having.

A cover photo that suits your brand and matches just makes your account look a lot neater and.

Visually appealing and since Pinterest is visual it’s nice to have that so that people can recognize your brand right.

To show you how to do is how to actually create.

These covers and how to set them up so as usual we are using my favorite.

Tool canva and Pinterest board covers are a square shape which I know it seems a bit weird because it’s got a rectangle there but the actual board cover is square which is why there’s two other photos there so you it won’t fill up that space so you do need.

As a square so when you come into canva you can just.

Use the social media option which is your square one and then you can come in and as usual you can choose from all the different templates there and pick the one that you like so I’ve got a template that I like now so that’s what I’m going to use and but what I am going to do is I’m going to just change the background image for some of mine so what is my next board my next board is blogging tips so I’m going to just change.

It to this one so it’s still kind of the same but it’s just got a little bit more fun stuff in them anytime you just have to play around a bit and then you just change the text I’m not Oh tonight colors so.

That it matches my brand and I might make.

This one a bit bigger because less watching I like it to take off the space so and I think my table make a different color background then you just download it then we.

Come back to Pinterest and you come into the board and you have to create the pin first and I like to just put the URL as the board URL I’ll fix that.

After I’m just showing you the process for now so you put in your website put in your description hit done save it to the board you want it saved too.

And then we come into editing the board and where it’s got the cover you can go change and see now it is in a square shape so you just scroll through and it should be the one at the very end because it’s the last one you’ve uploaded save the changes save it and then if you come back out to my profile and to my boys you will now see that that cover is there as well so you would.

Just go through and do that.

For every board you’ve got and that way it’s a nice way to keep your Pinterest account looking cohesive and matching with your brand so you’ve got your featured stuff.

Up there so you only want your content at the top and then that way your boards look similar to what it looks like at the.

Your content so that is how you can create Pinterest cover photos for your boards to ensure that it looks on brand I hope.

You enjoyed this video and I look forward to seeing on seeing you on the next one don’t forget to subscribe if you like learning from me beep too soon.


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