But a win it was for Michigan against Michigan State as the Wolverines beat the Spartans for just the third time in their last 11 meetings Joel clot was on the call for Fox he joins us now from the Fox Studios in LA and I mentioned you were there Joel what was your take in terms of the on the.

Field performance by Michigan I thought it was dominant I thought that the score was actually closer than what the game indicated in a lot of respects because of the lack of Michigan to turn.
Some great field position in the first half into points and and credit.

Michigan State’s defense for.

Really bowing their neck in those situations and keeping them off the scoreboard but that’s why I said what I did at the end of the game which is that this is for real because they.

Dominated Michigan State fully and completely outside of one turnover inside the 10-yard line that then all of a sudden they had to run a reverse pass in order to get a touchdown Michigan thoroughly dominated.

And I know the Spartans were banged up but that was as impressive a performance is you’re gonna get on the road in a rivalry game in particular from a team that has been labeled a team that cannot win those games 1 in 500 Jim Harbaugh in those rivalry games so thoroughly impressed with what they did and there’s a room for growth too and this is another thing Reve that I said during.

The broadcast I think that when Shay Patterson starts taking more shots down the field they’re gonna continue to get more and more explosive in particular when.

He breaks out of the pocket when he scrambles those big wide receivers have a big advantage down.

The field and when he starts finding them rather than throwing the ball away or just run for 2 or 3 yards then watch out they could be very explosive yeah it seemed that his second in the big 10 in passing efficiency just night and day better than they were in that aspect of the game a year ago what about.

The pregame stuff and I’ve seen you on a lot of different platforms during the course of.

This week obviously we’re at midweek at this point so I’m not the first to ask you about this you have said and I’m quoting you here that you loved it what happened between these two teams before the game tell.

Me why okay so first of all I think a lot of that has to be perspective okay if I was an administrator or a coach I’d probably hate it.

If I was a high school coach or a high school parent I would probably hate it but as a player who does not have a kid that’s playing high school football or doesn’t.

Have a kid that’s playing college football this is why I love it is because this is what makes college football so great you got to understand now reven professional sports are so sterile today in our country they’re so corporate and they’re so sterile all these venues are the.
Same these players all you know they all hug after.

The game they’re trading jerseys so on and.

So forth very few times we get an opportunity to watch a.

Two teams that genuinely don’t like each other and I loved being a part of those games as a player which is.

Why I love it and and it’s something that I think is unique what was it taking a little bit overboard yeah probably no one was.

Hurt and and quite frankly I thought it was.

Interesting it was incredible to watch it all unfold before the game and I know that there are some that are.

Not gonna like it but for me I give me a rivalry give me a game that the players are more passionate about the name on the front of the jersey than they are on the back of the Jersey and I’m gonna like it Joe I’m gonna do the impossible to.

Try to change your mind and tell you why I think it was bad for the game here’s why I think it was different than all.

The back and forth the last couple years which I think though the back and forth last couple years has been fun but here’s why I think this is different first of all it was physical contact Michigan stay close.

Like Devin Busch being held back by a coach what happened if that coach wasn’t there to hold Devin Busch back what was Devin gonna do I’m assuming it was.

Gonna be something physical destroying the logo when people say woody was he doing just digging in the.

Grass it’s not somebody’s backyard that’s a symbol of a Spartan just like Michigan has a symbol for their school you said you don’t.

Have a son playing high school football joel Klatt was a three year starter at Colorado one of the few that have ever done that Joel’s dad Gary was a great high school coach James Laurinaitis who it feels the same way that you felt was a great player at Ohio.

State you may not have a high school player living in your home but a lot of people are.

Watching you and you’re watching James and they love the work you do and you guys are so good I can’t believe that high school players not going to say hey Joel clad said it was okay to do that with the rival James Lehren I said it was okay.

To do that to a rival we play Madison East next week there are rival we’re gonna do what they say makes a great rivalry so.

That’s why I think this is different it was physical and it was property destroyed and disrespectful this is a great rivalry now we’re talking about everything but the game plus all the people that have played in this game their legacy is no longer valid because it’s about what happened in my opinion off the field not what happened during the game so that’s my really strong arguments coach.

The you make really strong arguments and everything that you said is right you know I and again I think my position is more indefensible to be honest with you I probably like all the comments afterwards more than I did the physical altercation before the game the clothes lining and then the chewing up of the grass before the game bye bye Devin.

I understand how things like that can elevate and escalate very quickly which is by the way why we saw that game get called so close to the vest by the officials they hand it out I believe it was not 8.

Or 9 unsportsmanlike conduct penalties in that game they were very quick to do that and I think it was because of what happened before the game so you’re right listen what do.

We want physical contact no we don’t want physical contact the the only premise that I’ll defend that I had which again was not a very defensible position was that I do love it when it’s clear that the team and all the players are carrying more for the name on the front than they are the.

Back and and to some degree that’s the case with this rivalry between Michigan and Michigan State certainly with the comments afterwards but listen coach I stand corrected you’re right you’re absolutely right and you made a great point about the name.

On the back of the front but that’s always been true that just because true this past Saturday that’s true I’m gonna piggyback on what Jerry said.

Feel like this was the biggest win in Jim.

Harbaugh’s four-year tenure at Miss you know there’s been very little Joel I feel like that’s been talked about I mean Michigan served itself as a national title contender they got the big game jinx off their back there’s so much positive momentum for that program right now they’re favored to win the big ten and here.

We are with dueling statements from athletic directors and there was just.

An immaturity from both sides I’m not gonna finger one one side or the other I feel like.

They were both brought down and devalued that win in that game in that rivalry through their actions yeah you’re pretty you know what you’re probably right Pete but good thing there’s guys like you and I and coach and Reb that can sit here and remind everybody what a great football team they are because everything you said there was correct as well in that they are the Big Ten favorite.

At least in a lot of our estimation right now they’re playing the best football that defenses continue to do great things in particular defending the pass getting pressure even without rashon Gary on the field and I will tell you this they’ve fixed them some.

Things that were clear deficiencies a year ago keep in mind now they’re two and a half yards better on first down offensively than they were.

A year ago what does that allow them to do stay on schedule and convert on third down there’s so much more improved on third down this year than they were a year ago and then Shea Patterson this guy’s not turning the ball over he’s only throwing two interceptions 12 touchdowns and he’s also converting with his feet we saw the huge fourth down play against Michigan State and if he’s making those type of plays I don’t see anybody in the.

Big 10 that’s going to beat them in particularly with the way that Ohio State played at Purdue you’re right Pete everything you say there but I’m here to remind everybody.

The truth which is Michigan is for real which is why I said it this is a real deal for Michigan fans now they’ve been wanting to be a part of the freight wanting to be a part of this national championship conversation for a long time I.

Think it’s real this year I.

Think that they’re part of the.

Conversation and deserve deservedly so let’s hope that’s where the focus is.

Again going forward the rest of the year and to your point and a defeat and Gary’s point that wasn’t necessarily the main focus coming out of this game culpability on both sides for that happening but let’s hope the rest of the way we’re talking about that big 10 easy yeah candidly.


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