Before I speak to you about the oldest system on the planet I want to say something to you that you won’t hear said anywhere else and that is there are no sure things I know there are a lot of horse-racing systems out there they promise mega riches and sure bats but I can’t and I will not do that.

To you because the plain simple fact is horse-racing is a gamble and no software and no system is going to produce winning bets all the time I spent 37 years of my life looking for and I’ve come to.

One conclusion there are no sure things you know I’ve been where you are now and I’ve heard the words that I’m saying to you now only to have the advice following deaf ears and that is why.

I’m begging you to eat my advice and know that no system you buy is going.

To be the answer to your handicapping dream in fact if you feel that way I’d rather you.

Not buy the system at all but if you’re looking for a spot play system that will produce winners for you and enhance your bottom line.

Let me tell you about the oldest system on.

The plane a lot of royalty and Luis Saez whole a lot of royalty to win it she wanted by almost.
Five I know you’re big time these two in a huge taco.

Laying on the outside I owe you big time going on kindergarten kid I owe you big time I owe you big time limbs the Kentucky turf dub and on the outside it’s too much come on now in front the screen is red and Catalina Island and quiet ending moving late as they come down to the finish it is kibosh kibosh wins.

It by two on the wire as I said before I spent a lot of years of my life playing the horses and somewhere in my youth I met an old man.

At the track who gave me an old yellow crumpled piece of paper and told me I might.

Want to try these and to my surprise when I implemented those things that were on that paper I began to win and that was a good feeling but it’s naive.
Young men are I went in search for better winners more.

Consistent winners and that did not work out so I came to.

A crossroads in my life and I decided I was going to have to get this right get something that produced consistently for me I was gonna have to give up horse racing altogether so I I kept coming back to the basics of the oldest system that he had given me and I begin to tweak it and adjust it and sure enough slowly but surely the oldest system on the planet began falling in place for me after seeing the results of the Elders system I knew I had a.

Reliable system for picking a high percentage of winners what made the oldest system unique was that it was easy enough to understand and even a brand new handicapper could implement it in no time wanting to help other handicappers just like me horse.

Player Haven was born and the oldest system on the planet was released to the public now that was back in 2007 and.

I wasn’t at all sure how that was all going to work out I was just thrilled to.

Give willing listeners a chance to learn what I overlooked for so many years now after 1,000 copies of the oldest system on the planet have been sold it’s still producing winners and helping handicappers just like you I love the basics for the oldest system on the planet have not changed.


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