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Go we thank you for Jerry Jones.

Today because Jerry Jones understands that Dallas Cowboys can’t play like this that was Cowboys Jerry Jones Lord is smart enough to know and Amari Cooper is 24 years old Maury Cooper Alabama pedigree and Amari.

Cooper is somebody Thank You blessing us with the owner like Jerry Jones weekdays 1:00 p. Eastern on FM t sy radio and I’m your popular podcast providers you’re listening.

To the fantasy sports radio network football frenzy football frenzy right here on fnts why radio Corey Foster the fantasy executive that is closed the Prince bentrik fancy tan gym day coming.

Up on the program mmm the next 40 minutes I’ll be joining but I’ll be here for the next 40 minutes come in hanging up shop a I wanna discuss like I think we get to a point of the season hello mr. Ventura how are you doing I’m good how are you sir doing well think what’s good which was your.

Evening uh what I do it was good yeah the last four.

Or five days have been good that’s nice I’m.

Glad to hit it anything in particular I’ve been getting it oh you guys doing it’s hump day and that’s what we’re gonna be doing today is hoping.

Jazz is Chris so there we go what I want to discuss today yes and this is um this is my element missus so um I might as well just chill the whole show now at this point oh so we just my man John Hanson you should do this a lot and I know and I love John Hanson I think John hands is a cool cat um and he’s a great fantasy broadcaster he’s a great broadcaster period shot too my man John Hanson so around this time of year we have to identify or try our.

Best it’s fantasy analyst right who identify a person people are some type of something that.

Change the course of he fantasy football season for the rest of the year so we can try to figure out and find out who are going to be owner unquote second half saviors huge that I don’t severally come out of nowhere maybe somebody that comes out of nowhere maybe a guy at situations changes that can step up and become a fancy relevant person to the point where they can carry you through.

The second half of the season so like a second half Savior a guy that can push it and push you to a championship for example last.

Year Kenyan Drake with a second half Savior yeah because last year Kenyan Drake after jhi was going Kenyan Drake stepped up he got.

That role mainly to herself and Kenyan Drake flourish Kenyan Drake helped a lot of fancy owners get to and win championships ventra right so I’m trying to figure out who can be our second half saviors of a 2018 fantasy football season do you think Chris that Amari Cooper now in Dallas can become a second half savior can he have the kind of six seven week run to push teams into the playoffs and then do with a fantasy football championships yeah.

Absolutely I think that i mean you know i’m amar cooper guy I’m not trying to be biased and being real obviously the talents there but he’s been inconsistent in Seoul Korea now that he’s on Dallas changed a quarterback change organization I think he can be a savior I mean this is a guy we know can be as talented as a wire receiver one question is can he.

Do it on a regular basis with Dallas considering their current wide receiver Corp I think that Cooper will be a guy that can do that for you.

I think I’ll be a while receive it to a solid why receive it – so let me ask you a question a solid white receiver – for the rest of the season right do you own a ma recoup on any.

One team yeah well actually – okay so now you think Cooper can be a second half Savior yes I’m.

At ey Hilton owner right mm-hmm no your t Y Hilton owner I’m gonna mari Cooper or you think Cooper can be a second half Savior if I off if I offered you Cooper my Cooper your tea why Hilton you make that tree it depends on my team right oh.

I don’t know no well it depends on what I got if I have like Julio Oh wave I have Julio right no ELISA Jim if I have Julio right he’s my water Siva one right I’m not trading away my wire receiver one if I have to I health I’m.

Trading away my wire receiver too so I’m getting I think a solid wire receiving two that could actually be also a wide receiver one see why.

Hilton yes he’s very good he’s a borderline wide receiver one I think Cooper has Cooper can be a second-half Savior you’re giggling first question in you Jim Kay Cooper be a second-half saving number one number two I know you wouldn’t make that trade but um can you be a.

Second Koopa be a second-half Savior I think it could be a second-half Savior for dak Prescott can he be a you know a savior for fantasy teams I don’t think it’s gonna be a savior I think he’s gonna have you know three or four good games the rested away and the rest of the games are gonna be yeah who cares just the way he is if that changes then not be the first one to admit I was.

Wrong but I haven’t seen any reason to believe that’s gonna change just because a change of venue happens all right that’s the only reason.

Why I believe is the change of scenery and your quarterback change Jim I’ll take it down them wrong because I know you’re.

Not as high rest of the season Jim Demaryius tired America’s top estudio Demaryius Thomas Jim or doesn’t make a difference Demaryius Thomas Jim or or Maury Cooper ah you would take a guy who’s having.

A crappy year ah look yeah in that case I’d go with Cooper yeah you know Thomas just hasn’t looked like the Thomas of old I know he’s getting some stuff lately but.

Like the Thomas we’re used to seeing Cooper you know he’s gonna get a fair shot in Dallas they haven’t been able to find anybody else they can rely on every week so he’s gonna get plenty of opportunity.

Does with that opportunity is up to him i Jim let me ask you.


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