So we’ve arrived at pandawa which is in the world’s best part 3 golf course in 2017 it’s the bathroom in there I got all the fancy portlets with all the fancy instructions on there this place is insane there’s water running everywhere there’s like a hot house here yeah water right there I mean I don’t know what this is.

Walkers I don’t know where I am actually I’m a bit lost okay change your room I have no idea where I’m going this water water prison continues on.

Find the other guys hey guys look.

At this place this hole must be the 18th Wow on trail you gotta help me out here playing with Pascoe he’s the local pro here cap 3 so I’ll be getting.

Some shots today that was nine holes I was three up after four now we’re all square just hit my ball in the water here in the last hole he’s on the toilet I’m gonna try to get some Red Bull coffee and chocolate I need my strength come on let’s do this.


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