My wife okay no I mean Gabi Hanna just uploaded on your side pub monster monster reborn and that’s exactly what we’re gonna be checking out guys Fah I’m super pumped I’ve been Gabi is actually like a very talented singer I think she has a lot of potential I’m just saying she could be the next Taylor Swift Z you.

Better watch out you better not sleep on her but before we start guys I want to give a quick note of his shout out to Peyton Peyton with Peyton I’m guessing your name’s Payton thank you for my notifications.

Page also you guys can go go cut that Mitchell racks merch it’s all I have all brand-new stuff up baby you look like down below but anyway guys let’s go check out Gabi Hanna’s bread some though I still know where’s the gabbie show you.

Know big fan I’m not gonna lie Lego monster Gabi Hanna see if Gabi Hannah is a monster like we we’re compatible because I’m like okay yeah yeah I’m not a monster I can be that’s I don’t even make my bed anymore Gabi that is depressing she’s angry.

Baby you better watch it Hey I hardly my walk it’s probably why I’m gaming and gaining so much weight oh wait kid your macaron muscle baby that’s all I do my ego is out of the room hey wait who who is that was that like her sister was that like a young version of us oh I think she’s.

A vampire Hey so I would drop like a fly whenever.

You’re out – oh hell Gabi head bro she’s gonna be a famous singer bro I’d say that first okay you’re worth it you’re worth it Gabby you know everyone does that if they’re called backstabbers Gabby.

The the animal name for them is called snake and they slither around is this on Spotify cuz I need something to work out too and I feel like I could work out to this cuz you know it’s called monster I’m a monster and what I’m in the gym I’m like a cat of that bad representation I’m like a.

Coward steroids but she’s honestly probably the most attractive monster I’ve ever seen in my life yeah Gabi show the haters what you got I bet she does way more than just dab on the mater’s she got the Jay Paul got not I’m still trying to figure out what the representation of the little.

Girl is like if that’s her when she was little.

Like I stole I’m just trying to figure that out okay maybe it represents that she’s the monster and the little girls afraid of the monster but the monster wants to be friends I knew somebody was a vampire oh how the tables have turned how.

The turn tables have turned how the tables turn yo this is probably the best YouTube song of her is that it you guys.

You guys heard it here from Mitchell reacts first number one on iTunes she should lit the house up bro I don’t even think it was the gas that did I think it was just the.

Vocals there was that fire that can’t be good I imagine the monster still alive it’s a vampire no I.
The start roars like someone’s a vampire what.

Is this is this like an encore cuz respect hi bro her haha I don’t know how she’s still walking without a heart that’s just remarkable Hey I does only go so far that’s true I’ve been heartbroken so many times I lost count.

After 68 to there’s no happily ever after this is not a Disney Channel show Disney has lied to us yep no Gaby no.


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