Hey guys J Sankey here from the Sankey magic youtube channel and the inside deception magic and mentalism training site big thanks to Assad for having me here on the 52 cards Channel today I want to share with you guys a four ace production that you can do with any four cards obviously it’s real simple to do and has.

A great presentational ledin always pulls people right in and it’s got a nice surprise finish so let’s get right to it yeah ask your audience if they’ve ever been to New.

York City and if while they are in.

City they had a chance to see one of the most classic card hustles of all time the three-card Monte and whatever they say is they.

Look gonna show it to you right now but it’s all about watching me very carefully and you.

Might even get a chance to make some money of course already just by saying that I pulled them right in they’re interested in what I’m doing this arranged three.

Playing cards here the three cards we’re gonna use are gonna be and I’ll do this very slowly so you trust me okay Queen of Hearts gonna also use black three and another black three and what you have to try to do is figure out which of.

These three cards is the Queen I’m gonna give them a bit of a mix-up here see oh no and I’m gonna give them a little bit of.
A baton here no watch I’m gonna do this.

Very slowly once you try to figure out which of these three cards Mikey I’m moving around here you’re moving around fact let me make it easier for you to find which one’s the Queen.
I’m gonna stack them up here like this one there.

One there put the third one.

There all three snap my fingers and watch not only I’m gonna make it easier for you to find the Queen but just like.

This look you’ll see I’ve got the Queen of Spades the queen of diamonds the Queen of Hearts and finally.

The queen of clubs all four queens it’s some this commercial it pulls people in it’s engaging it’s got a lot of different things.

Going on the the prospect of money off the top the three-card Monte thing got a lot of flavor in color for a very simple and visual production for sure the setups this you’re gonna need three of the four Queens or on top of the deck okay three of the four Queens in this case we got two black and already okay three Queens there then here I’ve got a black three a black three and a Red Queen I use the Red Queen the face cards nice contrast.
Of course from the spot cards and these are black and it’s red so I.

Think it’s all working well.

Really nice contrasting that’s your setup on top so it’s three three queen than the other three Queens now the technique on this apart from a little gentle handling of a double on the table is the office forks the inn-yard not forced to switch anytime face up switch really.

Simple works really cleanly so you talk about three-card Monte maybe you wanted to flourish just bring the cards or any other flourish that remains the top stock okay now I turn over three and I’m very casual I don’t want to turn them over and spread them out to clean me and give them a real chance to take it in.

Because the longer and clearer I show this the.

Less it justifies this up and down one by one display I’m about to do so I want to do this first part really casually I spread out.

And you don’t just sprout the top three you actually spread out the top six just spread out a bunch of.

Cards then flip over the top three and spread these out here like this now so this is casual and I want to make sure I’m getting ready.

To get a pinky break below the top six cards I’ve spread out the top six and as I squared them back up I’m gonna make sure.

That I get a break under the block of six okay pretty standard there then I’m gonna lift the block as a whole and emphasize them watch me carefully now I cover the front you’re literally dealing with 100 percent more of the cards because you just pull it parently of three.

Six but do not fret about this if you cover the front edge like this and the back your hands covering the rest and if you do have people close to if you cheat just a little bit to your left it’s impossible for any discrepancy.

I mean the only side is here and your yours tilted like.

That thumb drags one over pivots there around and you take it at the back with the thumb and the fingers at the.

Front and show you’re keeping no break at this point so you switch pull the Queen around say that’s the money card that’s the one to watch and again there’s no flashing of the edges the hand does a beautiful job of covering the the the three sides there okay like this and your like this and frankly as long as you keep moving while the magician may notice.

You got a layperson you know there’s so much going on they don’t even notice necessarily that you got a few more cards here okay so that’s even for the person on your far left so you show the three come down you’re gonna side jog this a little you’re gonna stick it a little to the side here leave.

It on the side you’re holding it from the figures in the front thumb at the back and notice.

Now I am keeping a little bit of a break here with my thumb between the main packet and this first three okay come up show the three they see the Queen the.

Three stepped to my left and again up and around and this and so now I’m keeping a break between the bottom.

Two cards all right come up here now I’m gonna naturally square this packet against my left thumb and what I’m gonna do is move the left hand away okay don’t move the right hand away better to come in square the bunch left everything the two black three drop there I turn the hand over and move it away and get it away I’m done.

All focus is here mix up these four cards a little bit like this then give them a band now I was so happy when many years.

Ago when playing around with table doubles and health it gave me a bit of a heart attack because in a bar situation you never know what sticky what’s this but when you get a bend on the cards it makes it and you have a reason to handle them you it is so you pull off one here pull off another here and this is your double double goes in the middle now notice I can move this around and keep attention the whole.

Time and as long as I handle this double gingerly between my middle finger and thumb it’s got very little chance of spreading I’m handling it very gently my pickups are easy okay moves really nicely you only have to do a couple and say wait a second tell you what I’ll make it easier for you to find the Queen got my double here I lay it down take.

My other one put it on top nicely step forward about an inch and that to all three.

And you’ll notice in the presentation I mentioned three la.

Three-card Monte one of these three keep an eye on this really emphasizing three three then you get this nice ending now you can do this with one hand but sometimes the one card.

Will fly a little further and it could.

That’s why I sort of baby that have been I put my finger down on the corner of this card so they wouldn’t fly too far but if you don’t do.

That and you’re not on a sliding marble surface it really is quite nice to just with one hand come over and what you’re gonna do when I will cheat here is you’re gonna flip over the stack and with your tip of your finger pull back a little bit because you’re gonna spread that double go up they’re gonna flip over and you’re gonna pull back and spread that double and for those of you who want to take.

Your magic mentalism and pranking to the next.

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