This is the life eh about it it is for some of us surely don’t begrudge mr.
Jensen his swimming pool I meant you what’s the book anger management what do you start it there you’ve missed the leaf there can you read a bit quicker please anyway I miss more than one I think this sucker thing stopped going home.

Take it out and check the hole I say just checking the surface but everything’s a little bit fulness many bad things you know in making miracles that’s fine well if you need me I’ll be on the for practising my service big match coming up a yes I’m sorry so you should be mr.

Is going to have to go and get change now sorry about that there was a leaf blocking the pipe I thought it might have been evolved piece that’s all right accidents will happen well I’ll just go get changed before you go what should I do with all these leaves oh just chuck them over the fence cool I thought we didn’t play there just got to show what a nice mummy is turn it he just doesn’t excuse.

Me sir if there’s one thing I will tolerate it is people throwing leaves into my garden but no buts if there’s two things I won’t tolerate is his people butting what about we thought that’s the third thing I won’t tolerate now go about your business in a normal manner or I shall have to take it up with a higher authority we be gone oh lucky.

What made you turn round there that could have hit you in the face what’s the matter well I’m afraid Barry is gonna upset your neighbor next door I did he say no I’ve told him we wondered if you’d like to go round and apologize oh don’t.

Worry about it she’s just being her grumpy old self I’ve learned to live with it I’ll take care of her tomorrow just go and finish the pool go finish the pool buddy just a minute I thought you had a big match tomorrow I have it’s against her we play for a cup every year she wins she doesn’t she does she doesn’t.

She does yes she how I don’t really like to say but she cheats cheats yes I mentioned it once she turned quite nasty between you and I I seriously considered cheating myself why cheat yourself when she can do it for you no mr.
Jimson means he thought about cheating to which to.

Forget it carry on yes but I couldn’t bring myself to do it no no no too much of a gentleman rather like myself do you think so yes I wouldn’t take advantage of anyone go and finish the pole off buddy I will say when I was feeling miss cheevus I did have one or two little ideas but of course I’d never used them mmm like what well grab an end of the neti now when I said you stay where you are but.

When she serves pick it up bring it towards me that makes my half of the court much smaller and harder for her to hit see wouldn’t be cricket though well of course not it’s tennis isn’t it anything else will I haven’t given it much thought and then there was this it’s very good that’s not give me much.
Thought I don’t see what he comes up with me starts thinking about it mr.
Jensen fancy getting cheated me too nice to say anything yes – gentlemen let me actually vinaya yeah well it was.

Only last week that I put a jacket over the puddle so an old lady won’t get a fate wet yeah but it was my jacket yeah well that doesn’t mean nothing well get that with you buddy why me you put it in there do it will ya you’re getting really muddy lately oh I am NOT see you’re doing it now oh I see what you mean I better take a look at her anger management book now wouldn’t bother just carry on having a strop.
You’re not really management material hey you’ll get that I’ll go get.

The chemicals chemicals oh yes you got to put chlorine in this women bowl get on with it will you watch what you’re doing.

I was what I wasn’t doing was watching what I wasn’t doing just carry on hey don’t be all over the fence you’ll only annoy you I think I might have been already look who I don’t know leave me alone for a minute 60 seconds later you’re.

In trouble shall I hop over the fence and get it you better do it quick what do you think you’re.

Doing we’re trying to get the ring back before the neighbor comes out right I’m going to confiscate this do you think we should want to tell mr. Jenson no we can’t keep running to him every time something happens we could walk nope I’m gonna march down there and that’s nicely for it back do you think you should yes shall I come no you stay and tidy up leave.
This to me I’ve come for the ring forget it can’t you.

My trophy this is the last one I’ve got because of that man I was little wick turns ladies champion five years running you cheat there as well did you Oh mr. Jensen told us all about you cheating he’s the one who’s never.

Played a street game in his life yeah well you would say that wouldn’t you say something else what that’s on eat or should I say smashed it No get out and stay out very well I’ll take my leave that may very well consult my solicitor rush rush I’m back and I don’t mind telling ya I had to be really firm with her oh yes she’ll.

Road the day that she crossed me.

Buddy yeah me yes because I’m getting this off of you.

All right what do you make of these Oh mr. Johnson’s trophies you know they must have been a really good player little whitson.

Ladies lawn tennis champion hey and it’s her name on here these are teased at all the hers Hilda Grimm Thorpe Hilda Grimm Thorpe Hill did they’ve all got a name on it you know I’m starting to smell.

Maybe the chlorine Jensen you lied to us that’s right so the cops are all theirs yes and.

I’ll have the last one off her once we beat her tomorrow we yes we I don’t think so that’d be cheating course it would in that case I’m afraid we can no longer be a part of your plan we chuckles could not associate ourselves with.

A scoundrel at you Barry exactly follow me we have fences to mend I’ll get a hammer those kind of fences so when we learned the truth we came straight round.

So Barry could apologize for doubting you in the first place that’s right I think and when we found out about the cheating we immediately resigned our position in mr. Jensen’s employer so you won’t be here for the match tomorrow you’re not gonna blame him but I must I have to win my cups back but he’s.

Gonna cheat you may lose the only cup you have left I won’t allow it now that I know any of the Chuckle.


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