Hello everyone its Christopher for the Panthers Paige calm and I’ll be giving you my spectacular Saturday six as usual that I give every week for the punters Paige at six horse racing tips I strongly fancy tomorrow and hopefully that can run well there’ll be a variety of some each ways and also as well some single wins which will.

Be out right so without further ado we’ll get stuck into the selections tomorrow and we go to the 205.

At Newmarket with a horse called gal Molly it’s round about twelve to one of the makers at the moment.

You can get that with William Hill and also as well paddy power trained by Lucy wooden who you’d normally associate with the jumps but Richard Kings cake is an interest in jockey book and that they’ve got for this one now this horse one very easily last time really caught my eye when winning at Newberry in pretty good styling and.

This horse and mistress quickly of Rafe Beckett were quite a well ahead of the rest and that was a.

Really good ride by Harry Turner that definitely went into my memory bank before that I finished second Kempton I even though it was six lengths behind a horse of Roger variance called pilaster but the Laster went and one for David Egan yesterday at Girish good wood in.

The Lillie Langtry Stakes which is a group to so really gal Molly could be capable of doing well in Lister company which this is tomorrow and I thought right about twelve one stood of fair each way champs.
And I’m gonna recommend at one point each way to.

Kick us off there we then go to the 240 where you can get a few multiple places with a few different but makers you can get a Sky Bet four places and that’s what I’m gonna recommend here with the horse called porcelain.

Go round about ten to one with the makers at the moment you can’t get that on the sky bet with the four places trained by.

Michael Bell Jamie Spencer’s burg.

For the ride Michael Bell state would have been in very good form of late Jamie.

Spencer’s very good capable jockey this horses by exceed an EXO and will love the drying conditions and this was one very well last time out at Doncaster under Jamie Spencer if you go back to runs ago to chepstow the form of that race has worked out well.

The second horse that day actually what some sources subsequently boosted the form and I thought this one had a good chance tomorrow and I thought ten to one was.

A fair each way price we then go to the 405 at Doncaster with a horse called two to dipper its trained barrage of Aaron and Andrew zinnias but for the ride these two have a very good strike rate together when it comes to Doncaster you’d normally want to follow their rights their sources and interest in horse has recently been gelded and its first one after having a gelding operation.

Loser this well also as well this horse can go well fresh hasn’t been seen since April when it was running a tripping it was backed into favoritism that they’ve.

Really disappointed but I think it really needed this gelding operation and hopefully it can reap the benefit so that’s more so it’s 11 to best odds with the makers at the moment you can get that skybet and also.

As well Ladbrokes and i’m gonna recommend again a one point you to a bet we then go back to new market with a horse called a phantasm attic it’s 64.

Best husband makers at the moment gonna recommend a two-point win bet on this one here you can get that paddy power and Betfair train versa Michael stout who’s yadah really finding their feet at the moment.

The ride in the colours of Qatar race and this will finish second that Ascot the other day behind the horse of the andrew.

Buildings called made up and made up when i’m running really good race yesterday at Goodwood just to go down fighting against pilaster which won that.

Group too didn’t Langtry that we’ve already touched upon say form that races white that really well and I’m gonna recommend.

Like I said a two point when baton in this selection there we then stick with another win back in the fall forty with a.

One but makers at the moment part the Godolphin operation trained by side bin Sarah hay but Peter McDonald for the right evens normally seen the Cadell thing colours but still in an interest in jockey booking second last time out at Newbury and the fourth of that race matter heme of which tanana subsequently boosted the form and buy.

Land in the gamble earlier in the week under wire more good would say the form that’s been boosted top scorer as well looks very capable horse and I thought tamari had a good chance to go and get good result it stood one makers.

At the moment best Dodge you can get that Paddy Power that fair and also as well lad Brooks and I’m gonna recommend a two-point win back there we think we then goes Hamilton for the 650 this is one of the six Series races that’s been happening throughout summer if you know me personally you would have known I’ve been linking up with the.

Silk series as part of my University work this yeah well interested in the races and I think from a planting perspective you can get some good value out there interested tomorrow on horse.

For Richard far he called Gabriel the devil Megan Nick was ridden to have been booked to ride it I should say she’s gonna take handy five pounds off now she won the silk Series last year and desperately wants to defend her title she wasn’t featuring too many and some in the early rounds of the silk series but she’s probably underway now she had a winner in the series not.

Carefully also as well it’s going to be receiving quite a bit of weight from some of its rivals tomorrow once that 5 pound claim is.

Taken in and it’s a really progressive three-year-old it’s had a couple of wins a chest I’ve been running really well and I could definitely see this one gone really well tomorrow 9 to 2 best odds the man should find out there found that with Betfair handle says well describe.
That and I’m gonna recommend a one-point win back.

There so there’s a spectacular suit Saturday 6 for tomorrow’s race and hopefully we can have a good day for more sports.

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It in and you can see the other work.

That I do so that’s what I got to say hopefully we can have some winners tomorrow and we’ll be seeing you soon.


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