Hi everyone well today I’m gonna show you how to set up your brand-new rod good on you for buying one I say so we’re gonna set this up so you need to put the p2 pieces together first of all and make sure that they these bottom bits line up with these other top bits make sure these are nice.
In line so this right here is built for a 3 to.

5 kilo sort of weight on it so the line that I’ve got here is a.

4 kilo line because you want the line to break before the.

Rod breaks so make sure you do that.

Now I’ve got another rod here now this is a different ride I’ve got here it’s got 300 meters or 300 yards of line on it this reel here is a lot smaller than the other one so I’ll only need 150 metres a line on this one so to start with we’ll grab the end of our fishing rod here and we’ll stick the line.

Through and we’ll work our way all the way down the rod until we get to the bottom and then we need to tie.

Here with the line so now you’ve got the line towards the end of the reel here you can either flick this.

Up before you tie the knot or just go underneath.

Yeah I’ll just flick this up then I’ll tie the knot I just like you doing the left over right and under tight try and hold it there.

And then a right over left and under pull it nice and tight.

I’ll cut off any excess and now we flick that back and that will allow.

You to wind this on if you don’t do that you won’t be wanting it on so now we just need to wind on for this real a hundred and fifty meters all right so I’ve been winding this on because it’s a small real I’ve only wound on about a hundred and fifty meters worth so now it’s time.

To start setting up the rest of the reel and for that you’ll need a sinker a hook and a swivel so I still got the line here what I’ll do is I’ll just cut the rest that off and then I’ll need a bit of a leader line so I’ll grab about and a couple of feets worth and then I’ll cut that off here.

So I’ve got a bit here sticking out from the end.

Of the rod and onto the end.

Of this bit I’ll stick my sinker put that through now grab my swivel and a tie and knot you just need to put the line through there and then twist it so you’ll want to twist.

And ten times I like to keep a fairly loose and that leaves a nice gap at the end of this swivel then at that little space at the end of the swivel there.

You stick the end of the line through there and pull it through sometimes it’s good to moisten this with a little bit of saliva and that will help it slide down and that’ll just self tighten.

On itself and I’ll cut that off and short as I can now you grab the other piece of line that extra two feet that you cut off before and you just repeat the process stick that through twist it five times ten times some people are superstitious and they’ll do it as many as they want my grandfather always did it seven times.

So I’ll stick that little line through that hole pull it tight again again maybe moisten it with a little bit of saliva and cut that off and one more time find the end of this line and.

The hook on so once again stick the line.

Through the hole twist it as many times you want between five and ten four five six I’ll go seven and we’ll stick the end of the line through that little bit of loop there and pull it tight trim that off I show it’s pulled nice and tight because otherwise that’ll just slip out like that that’s why you need to pull it nice and tight before you cut it off because if that went in the fish’s mouth and he’s pulled tired on it he’s already swimming off now with.

A hook in his mouth so twist it say seven times line through the gap beat us alive over there pull it nice and tight beautiful now we’ll cut it off and there we go look at the line wound on up through.

All the holes here coming out the end to my sink are there that’s sitting on top of the swivel it’s.

There and this end bit runs to the hook there’s only one thing to do now let’s catch a fish I’m actually using chicken today so I’ll just feed the.

Chicken onto the hook I like to just twist it once like to twist it twice maybe feed the hook through there so the hook is sort of hidden by the chicken okay so here we go let’s see if this works nice now of course there’s a whole different bunch of different sinkers and hooks that you use the.

Bigger the sinker the further you can throw it or cast it so for here we’ve got a small sinker that won’t go too far it’ll probably only go about.

10 or 15 metres whereas this one will go about 50 meters so it does make quite a bit of.

A difference and of course different swivels depending on the size of your line I just use the small one for my line and the different hooks to much the time you probably just want to use a smaller hook and that tends to catch any size fish.

Really so make sure you get one of those at a cavea all ends all right got the first fish on the new line so we.

Beautiful nice brim new rod happy fishing everyone.


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