Hi I’m Todd Baginski thanks for watching my video and today’s video I’m going to show you how to create featured and hero power apps when I started thinking about hero and power apps I started thinking about something else I really like as well the game Guitar Hero and Guitar Hero you don’t play power apps you play power chords.

So let’s start off with the pew power chords today just for the heck of it okay so like I said we’re not really here to learn how to play power chords or learn any yes songs but.
It’s fun doing it anyway so let’s jump into the.

Video now and learn how to make a featured power app as well as a hero powerup and how you can use these techniques.

To distribute power apps and make them available easier for people to discover inside of your organization okay so the first thing that we’re gonna look at here is what.

Is a featured power app and what is a hero power app I think the best way to show you is to just show you inside of the actual power.

Apps client application itself here you can see it running on my Android phone so I’ve.
Opened up the power apps application and I.

Can see my all apps list this shows me the list of the power apps and the most recent powerup I open is at the top of my list you notice there’s nothing that says featured power app or hero power up in this list.

If I move over to actually select the featured apps section right here you can see I don’t have any featured apps yet so the reason that you’d want to add a featured app here is so that you can make your apps.

More discoverable to other people in your organization so how do.

We add a featured app well let’s jump into that now the way that you add a feature or hero power app to the list of power apps inside of your org is.

Via PowerShell and so to install PowerShell support for power apps you’re going to want to follow this article right here from Microsoft it shows you how to download the power app script file and then install the different commands on your machine once.

You do that then you can interact with them inside of the command shell and create a featured powerup so the first thing I’m going to do here is actually I am going to take a powerup that I have.

Right here called book a room and this book of room power up if I look at the detail page for it I can find its app ID the gue right here so what I’m gonna do now is I’m gonna take and I’m gonna make this book.

Up inside of our featured power apps list right here inside of my phone so to do this this is pretty simple.

Command to execute actually the command that you use to create a featured power out looks like this it’s set – admin power app as featured and then you pass in the switch for the app name parameter and there you pass in the gugak here you can see the good that I have in the top right is the same as the one a book room on the bottom left so I’ll just execute that command and hit enter here and after my command executes it’ll be.

Available inside of the power app so the command is now running it doesn’t take too long to run you can see it was okay and now if we come back to my phone and we refresh the list of featured power apps now I have that featured power up right.

There inside of the list so let’s take a look at what that looks like inside of my all apps list you can see it’s not there so if I want to add that particular power up as a hero power out so it’s always sticky and these menus I have a different command to do that so the next thing I’m going to do is I’m going to show you how to set it and how you.

Can actually add more than one featured app to this list so I have another powerup here and this one is the estimator pro mobile version and we can see it’s going down here starts with 88 22 so if I come in here and I actually execute this same command.

Now but I put in too good for the new power app and run it as you can probably guess when we return to my phone.
List of featured power apps now we see two in.

The list now you can also remove featured power apps for the list so let’s say I want to move the estimator pro I’m gonna use this PowerShell command here clear admin power apps as featured again pass in the app name switch and.

The good so this is the gooood for the book of room power out and i execute that command and now we will see that power out disappear from the list when i click on the.

Refresh button on my phone so give that button a click and.

Then now we’re back to where we started so let’s add them both to the list one more time so we’ve both got them in there and then i’m gonna make one of them a hero power app so here we have two featured apps you can see we’re turning to the all apps page they’re not at the top of the list but after you add an.

App as a featured power app then you can make it the hero power out it’s impossible to make it the hero power up unless you’ve already made.

It a featured one so i’m gonna come in here now and i’m going to execute this command set admin power apps as hero again same switch and notice here i’m passing in the good for the estimator pro power app so I’ll execute that command right there and after that command is complete when i.

Refresh my all apps list right here now you can see that I’ve got that estimator pro as the hero app it always stays in the top of my list and you can kind of see a little clue that it’s different than the rest is the background behind.

It you can see right here is white and then the list.

Of everything else starts is grey down there now.

If I move over to my featured apps and I refresh the list over here here you can see that not only is.

The app featured but it’s also the hero so that’s something to keep in mind on this screen and.

It’s by design that the hero app is always at the top whether it is a featured app or not now if you want to remove the app from your hero power app and replace it with a different one because you.

Can only have one at a time what you can do is.

Run this command clear admin as hero same switch same parameters that you pass into it and after you run that command when you come back to your power up you’ll notice that that power up is still in my featured list but it’s.

The hero list anymore and it doesn’t appear inside of my power up list as the hero power app you can use these techniques to draw a visibility and.

Drive use of your power apps in your organization and also cycle what is the.

Hero power app depending on the time of year and what’s going on in your org and if you need to use that power app often or not I hope this comes in helpful for you thanks for watching the video and go out and be a power apps hero now have a good one.


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