Everyone knows Christopher for the punch page and I’ll be giving you my spectacular Saturday six as usual here on their YouTube channel and kick things off we go to the 12:45 for today a Scott with a horse called major jumbo 8 won best odds for bookmakers at the moment I’ve seen that with coral and also as well William.

Hill trained by Kevin Ryan Jamie Spencer is Bert Ford the ride.

Now this horse has been very.

Consistent in these type of races this year finished fourth last I’m out at Royal Ascot in.

The Wokingham so that’s a fairly decent level of form has been a rapid improver and Jamie Spence is aboard and he’s a very good jockey when it comes to riding at Ascot often does really well they’re holding the horse up and then delivering it delivering it late so I thought Jamie Spencer today go really well on it these kind of races you want to go with them these kind of horses are often very solid and I thought would makers paying the extra place in some.

Places it was definitely worth for good each way better and I’m gonna recommend a one point each way back.

There we then go to the next Ascot in the 124 a group to where the horse called beat the bank for one best odds with bookmakers.

At the moment of manche find out of Betfair trained by Andrew Bolden and they Sheen Murphy but for the ride Beaufort in very good form now this will speed the bank last time we saw it round in the Queen out at Royal Ascot whereas very unlucky that day finishing in sixth place never got a clear run was probably the best horse that was traveling in the race but just didn’t.

Get a lucky break they’re running it again at the track and I think this time it can go quite a bit better and hopefully win for us also as well as a good horse last year and it seems like it’s coming back into some good form so for me at 41 gonna recommend a one point win bet there we then go over to new market for their July.

Festival for the 140 with the Bumbry Cup I quite liked a bit of a left field suggestion here called.

Cardsharp it’s running about 28 to one best odds a bit makers at the moment I found out the skybet and also as well lots of but makers will be pairing multiple places as there’s.

Multiple entrance in this field this horse is trained by Mark Johnston and James doe is but for the ride now this sort is three years old so he’s going to get three old.

Lance and he’s pitching up in quite a very competitive kappa it’s got a fair level of ability he’s been running in group enlisted races he had a listed win a couple of starts that Salsbury if you do look through his form though however he’s the typical johnston runner that’s gone up one and then i’m placed and placed one and he’s one of those kind of horses that frey makes results but i still.

Think this is an interesting move and i think he was worth a chance on an each-way angle and I.
Could definitely see him making the frame.

And I’m gonna recommend a one point each wave that on card sharp we then stay at Newmarket for the July Cup in the 215 government the.

Horsehair called sands of Mali trained by Richard far he and Paul Hannigan is but for the ride finish very second I’ve in a very good second last time out at Royal Ascot in the Commonwealth Cup it was very good performance.

That day and this horse has been the real star really this season touched up a couple of wins before that run and was a very good tear out of last year winning essay York say for me I thought Santa Molly could definitely take another step to.
Improve he gets a three-year-old Lance as well he.

Was standing I’m strongly at the end Ascot and I think he’s gonna do a really good job today and he should.

To one best odds I’ve seen that is with Paddy Power and also as well bet365 I thought he was a really strong contender and I’m gonna recommend at one point each-way bet in that selection there we.

Then go to Chester for the 315 and a listed race with horse called Kimber Ella roundabout 71 best odds with bookmakers at the moment trained again by Richard far he but.

Patty Mathis who’s been running really well as but for the ride this horse absolutely loves a track he’s three wins from six visits here so he does really well and also as well the odd got a terrific record in this listed race they’ve won four out.

The last seven years a very strong their dominance there and I fought a 71 this horse was a bit of a big price he’s been a bit up and down recently but still a good level of ability and I thought dropping back probably into a listed race would definitely see and I could definitely see him going really well and probably is the one I think add their value they’ve all got a beat so I’m gonna recommend.

A two point each way selection and that one there to kick things or to finish things off I should say we go to the 740i Solsbury with a horse called golden image three-to-one best odds with bookmakers at moment trained by how you Dunlop and Luke Morris the good veteran jockey is beautiful variety rides all and down up and down the country this was one over the course.

In distance last time out and very commanding style.

The second horse of race Beckett’s went in Franklin.

Form quite comfortably in the end and if you go back with the time before that to its fifth place at Salisbury this Australian a very good race and a few winners have come out of that race as well so it’s.

A really strong horse gets the three year old filly announced as well so all good news there and I’m gonna recommend a two-point win back there and that probably would be my neck of the day so they’re the selections for today’s horse racing action could have done loads of selections so much good.

Racing gone up and down the country but they’re the ones for the.

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